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l have burned Cubex Extra for 3 years now. I was happy the first 2 years. This year something has changed. After a few bags the whole stove was full of black, oily, toxic smoke. l had to exhaust the whole house. The inside of the stove was full of black, oily smoke/grease and the pot was clogged up. The same thing happened a few days/ bags later. I am afraid to leave the stove unattended now when I am away. The dealer swapped out about 40 bags with a new batch. So far the new ton burns ok, but LI still get the occasional black, greasy film on the glass and inside of the stove. I sent an email to Cubex several weeks ago, but they never responded. That is disappointing. I tried to give them a second chance. l will be looking for a different brand for next years heating season.