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Easy Heat pellets come from Ohio to a local True Value in my area. To be fair, Last year I bought 3 ton of Easy Heat (150 bags) with 31 bags left at the end of the season. Not bad and would have gave them a 7 out of 10.....LAST YEAR. This year for 2018, wow where Easy Heat pellets PURE garbage. First, every single bag out of 150 had 10% to 25% loose sawdust in the bags, every bag opened smelled musty and actually 1 bag was FULL of black mold. Also, very low heat output, clinkers, tons of ash, clogging issues, worse pellets I've burnt in years. None of my bags were damaged and were all kept dry in my possession. The True Value store wouldn't make good and others also had the same issues as well as the store owners, apparently they were shipped "left overs" from prior seasons that while wrapped, must have sat outside for a long period of time.