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Lopi Leyden user here from CT. I'm going on 5 years with this stove, mostly burning the Turmans. Two questions:

1) Did you have any issues with your Lopi stove? I vac mine out about once per week, doing a semi-disassembly from the front every few weeks to get into the guts. I've replaced the ignitor once and the two top metal inserts once due to warpage. Gonna get a new set again this summer. Did you have any issues with your Lopi during ownership?

2) Pellets: I've been using the Turmans almost exclusively for the entire time that I've owned the stove. I buy my pellets from ... a great local company that stores the pallets until I need them. I just received a special spring mixed pallet from them with Turman, Barefoot, Country Boy, Okanagan and Northern Warmth. I've tried them all and plan to stick with Turmans. Country Boy was a close second but there is too much dust when emptying and I don't like the hand-hold when flipped over to dump out. I also like the Barefoots but don't like the idea of multiple wood types so I'm going to stick with Turman, the most expensive pellet available from my distributor at $309/ton. Thoughts?

Thanks for your great website! It helped me pick out the Turmans when we bought our Lopi and I've been happy ever since with the choice.