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I just bought 8 bags of these from a Lowes in Rhode Island. I was burning Fireside Ultra but the local Home Depot is sold out.

These pellets have very very very poor heat output. I was so used to the heat output of fireside that I assumed it was much colder outside than it actually was when the stove struggled last night and this morning to produce temps i easily get with Fireside. My englander smart stove usually hums along fine at Manual mode 1 or 2 to give me 68-72 degree range in the house. These things require a setting of 3 or 4 overnight just to wake up to a 66 degree house. I put my wood stove thermo on the side to guage temps and these pellets just dont put out the heat.

Long story short these pellets suck. better than having nothing but I will avoid like the plague moving forward.