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To be fair to all the pellets I test, I thoroughly clean my stove before starting the test. This time I really cleaned it. It took me over an hour. It took 9 days of straight burning before my ash pot was full. The pros? Well, I didn't think my glass was any dirtier from these than several others. Also, it seemed I got very little build up in my firepot. The cons? An awful lot of ash it seems. And, they don't burn as hot. The room was 4-5 degrees colder burning these when the temperature outside was in the 20's. Also, they have quite a smell when burning. Some say it's the binder they use. All I know is when I'm outside you can surely smell that the pellet stove is on. I never had this with any other pellet. I wouldn't recommend these unless there was nothing else, which there wasn't when I bought them. They certainly wouldn't be good with a heavy cold spell. I had to set the stove on a higher setting just to get the same amount of heat as other pellets do on the lowest setting. Luckily, it's the end of March and Lowes sold me these for $4 a bag.