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Tuesday, April 10 2018
I have been using a pellet stove for about 7 years (Drolet ECO 35) and have used several different brands of pellets over that time, from absolute crap to excellent.Usually the change in brands was predicated on issues of supply and/or quality. I settled on Canwick premium brand 3 years ago ....excellent overall quality, good heat output, very minimal fines and zero crumble. And, at $ 5.99 a bag, excellent value. So with none available at the moment, I stopped at local Home Hardware and purchased 5 bags of Lacwood Canada A pellets ( $7.29 per bag).I noticed when unloading they seemed noticeably lighter than what I was accustomed to. Opened one bag and started to top up the hopper. two or three scoops in I was seeing a lot off crumble, so decided to screen them.and weigh the remaining unopened bags. Weights as follows...37.4 lbs,35.6 lbs,36.6 lbs and 36.6 lbs. Average of 3.45 lbs per bag light. Is this a one batch anomaly, or is everyone getting screwed all the time. Stay tuned. I intend to find out. Some sort of restitution is in order. And some kind of reckoning for the Company is also in order.