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Grabbed a ton to finish off the season with the Energex 100% softwood pellets and I am pleasantly surprised as they performed excellent in a few categories including heat, ash content and fines in the bags.
They claim to have extremely durable heavy duty bags Confirmed ! great packaging. They also claim to have auger friendly size pellets Confirmed ! as they are on average of 3/4" and very consistent. They also claim High BTU output Confirmed ! They crank out some great heat being a softwood included.
Appearance they are not what I expected as in a softwood like LaCrete, North Country or Spruce Pointe as they are much darker in color but have a great sheen to them and are a very hard condensed pellet. The fines were almost non-existent and consistent through out all the bags.
I am burning them in two Harmans a P68 and a P43 and they perform exceptional in both . I would highly recommend these pellets if you are looking for a reasonable priced softwood pellet . Kudos to Energex for a great product .
I believe If I can get them for the price I paid for these $260 a ton I will be grabbing 10 tons of them for next year.