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Cubex Wood Pellets

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Cubex Wood Pellet fuel pellets 

Cubex Wood Pellets with a BTU rating of geater than 9000 by Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring Ltd. is among the leading hardwood flooring manufacturers in North America. Its state-of-the-art products, environmental commitment, and highly qualified staff make it an undisputed leader in the premium hardwood flooring industry. Lauzon operates its own sawmills and milling plants, all of which are equipped with the most advanced technology on the market. Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy Inc. controls the wood pellet mills that convert leftover residue into wood pellets and represents Lauzon's significant commitment to the environment.




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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: These are still one of my all time favourite pellets! This years run I'm seeing incredibly low ash but I do have to scrap the burnpot every morning to get the slight ash build-up down into the ash pan. The heat output is incredible and I will trade a little extra work for the added heat. 8-5-2017 - I hear these are crap pellets now. I have not burned any for a bit but from what I hear they are not very good

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  • Comment Link Mike %PM, %09 %753 %2017 %17:%May posted by Mike

    Cubex have always been the brand of choice for me, but after this past year, 2016-2017 I had nothing but poor burn, lots of ash and a strange odor to the ash inside when cleaning. The pellets also look different. The stove is maintained as it always has been (two 3yr old accentra inserts) and both units did not run well at all this past winter. Sadly, the remarkable low price for them is an indicator of a change in quality. I wont be buying my usual 7 tons of Cubex this season.

  • Comment Link mike %PM, %12 %638 %2017 %14:%Mar posted by mike

    I have a quadrafire MT Vernon E2, after burning 4 ton this winter I have found that if you are looking for heat output they are great one of the hottest burning pellets I have seen, as far as clean not so great not the dirtiest pellet I have seen but far from the cleanest if I don't clean the burn pot daily the stove will not continue to fire leaving me with a cold house when I return. I am still searching for the perfect pellet!! Okanagan was the best I had ever burnt but cant get them anymore

  • Comment Link Mark Kimball %PM, %12 %817 %2017 %18:%Feb posted by Mark Kimball

    5 tons from dealer put into dry storage within 1 hour of delivery including 3 of us re-stacking. Cubex historically for me were top shelf. NOT this batch!!!
    My Harman Accentra is running at peak level as I've got all new components in it.
    Since 2003, I've burned Many tons and these are by far the dirtiest and have the most coarse and heavy fiber-like ash I've ever seen. My ash pan with last year's pellets would fill after 3 weeks. Recently with these Cubex, it was 8 days???!!!
    No Cubex next year.

  • Comment Link George %PM, %04 %898 %2017 %20:%Jan posted by George

    Georgetown MA.
    Very high ash. I purchased 3 tons of these based on past reviews and I'm very unhappy.
    I've burned just 40 bags so far and had to empty the overflowing ash pan twice. It caught me by surprise I never had this much ash with other brands.
    Very fluffy ash that sticks together in clumps...
    I will never purchase this brand again.
    Harman Accentra freestanding.

  • Comment Link mike %AM, %31 %047 %2016 %00:%Dec posted by mike

    I love these pellets I find all pellets will condensate if left outside no matter how there covered, I have sold many tons of these pellets and no one has complained yet , , my stove burns them the hottest as its a gravity stove, Any pellet factory that makes flooring is the key to a great pellet no bark means good pellets, 5 thumbs up for these pellets

  • Comment Link Dave %PM, %05 %669 %2016 %15:%Dec posted by Dave

    I've had very poor results from these pellets that I got this year in Amherst Ma.The first thing I noticed was that the bags have a perferation melted into them that looks like they ran over a hot wheel with a spiked pattern on a conveyor belt. The second was while the pellets weren't bloated, if you sqeeze them, they will crumble in your hand. I store my pellets outside in an enclosed porch; on a pallet, under a plastic tarp so any condensation (frost) won't settle on the top layer and turn to water when it melts. There is a lot more sawdust residue in the bag than any other pellets I've used. Burnwise they only last 16-20 hrs.a bag vs 24 hrs. I'm used to on all previous brands. The burn is also iffy; sometime they burn hot and clean, and sometimes they just barely burn and I have to turn off the stove and clean the ash mid bag as they have fouled the burn pot and built up behind the little corner vent doors so quickly they air in the fire box has no return path. This is even after tinkering with the air to the burn pot every time I notice a poor fire. I think the problem is the perferation in the plastic bags has let in moisture. They are just not worst the aggravation.

  • Comment Link fran %PM, %21 %034 %2016 %23:%Sep posted by fran

    where can i buy the cubex wood pellets in the conway nh area...

  • Comment Link Kyle %PM, %09 %714 %2016 %16:%Aug posted by Kyle

    I thought these were great for a few years until 2015-2016. It appears that they added some kind of chemical accelerant. This was noticeable in the smoke color and smell. I couldn't play outside with my kids it was so bad. I won't buy this product any longer. Purchased in Amherst, MA.

  • Comment Link Wayne %PM, %20 %748 %2016 %16:%Jun posted by Wayne

    I have been burning Cubex for the past two years in a Harman Accenture stove. High BTU output with the lowest ash I have found. They also start very quickly using the auto start feature of the stove unlike the Lacrete I previously used. Great Pellets...

  • Comment Link Fred ballou %PM, %14 %689 %2016 %15:%Apr posted by Fred ballou

    Where can I buy Cubex wood pellets near me I live in Gansevoort, NewYork zip code is 12831


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