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Energex Canadian Softwood

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Energex Canadian Softwood (Premier Bag). Energex Pellets (Premier Bag) exceeds the PFI's premium grade standard. Their softwood pellets are designed to burn hotter and have been tested to yield a BTU value averaging between 8300 to 8500 BTUs per pound (on a dry basis). Their average ash content is about 0.5% and moisture content is 5% to 6%. There are no sulfur emissions from the pellet fuel.

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  • Comment Link Danielzob Tuesday, 01 May 2018 02:38 posted by Danielzob

    Grabbed a ton to finish off the season with the Energex 100% softwood pellets and I am pleasantly surprised as they performed excellent in a few categories including heat, ash content and fines in the bags.
    They claim to have extremely durable heavy duty bags Confirmed ! great packaging. They also claim to have auger friendly size pellets Confirmed ! as they are on average of 3/4" and very consistent. They also claim High BTU output Confirmed ! They crank out some great heat being a softwood included.
    Appearance they are not what I expected as in a softwood like LaCrete, North Country or Spruce Pointe as they are much darker in color but have a great sheen to them and are a very hard condensed pellet. The fines were almost non-existent and consistent through out all the bags.
    I am burning them in two Harmans a P68 and a P43 and they perform exceptional in both . I would highly recommend these pellets if you are looking for a reasonable priced softwood pellet . Kudos to Energex for a great product .
    I believe If I can get them for the price I paid for these $260 a ton I will be grabbing 10 tons of them for next year.

  • Comment Link Bill Tuesday, 25 December 2012 22:08 posted by Bill

    Been burning these pellets in my Harman stoves. I have an Accentra and the P61 A. Both stoves burn these pellets really well. Consistent heat and like Peter Albertsen said. Crank up the stove and they really push out some serious heat. Excellent pellet from Quebec, Canada. I am sold on these.

  • Comment Link Peter Albertsen Sunday, 02 December 2012 00:00 posted by Peter Albertsen

    I am burning Energex in an Upland 207 Pellet Stove. The pellets are very consistent - within each bag and from shipment to shipment. There is not too much sawdust. They have a fresh wood smell. They are not too long, so the auger does not have to shear that many.

    The soft wood gives a nice flame and the remaining ash is close to that of a super-premium pellet. The Upland 207 Pellet Stove can run for a month before needing a cleaning using these pellets.

    They burn nicely at the lowest setting and kick out some nice heat at the higher levels.

    In summary, Energex makes a quality pellet that one can count on.


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