This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Best Pellets 2017-2018 So Far!

Enviro M55 Multi-Fuel Stove

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  • Nicest pellet flame in the industry!
  • 55,000 BTU's
  • Heats up to 2500 sq. ft.
  • 79.8% Efficiency
  • EPA tested 2.0 g/hr emissions
  • Low maintenance burner - This patent pending technology has an agitator rod in the burn pot that breaks up any clinker or ash and helps move it into the ash pan. This greatly reduces cleaning intervals and also allows you to burn lesser quality, inexpensive pellets and alternate fuels.
  • Quick start ignitor with air pump
  • Quietest pellet stove in the industry - (40 - 45 dB at 10 ft. away)
  • Fluted cast iron firebox liner
  • Built-in floor protection - no hearth pad required
  • Standard wall thermostat
  • Tri-mode operating system
  • Manual - Hi/Lo - Auto/Off

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  • Comment Link Rich Wednesday, 29 November 2017 12:31 posted by Rich

    This is my 3rd winter with the M55 FS pellet stove. It heats great but became very noisy a month after purchase. It is a high pitch sound which I believe is cause by the convection blower.

    I received very little help from the dealer. I was a bother to them. Not going to go into it. Unfortunately, there is no why to contact Environ. You are stuck with the dealers response. So, I guess I will have to buy a new convection blower ($275) and hope that works. An almost $4000 shame.

  • Comment Link Edward Patrone Monday, 27 November 2017 15:39 posted by Edward Patrone

    Hi. If considering to buy an Enviro m55...Do not. I am writing this now because everyone who buys a stove will encounter at least a few of these problems and need a preemptive warning. We purchased ours 5 years ago and had nothing but trouble since. First year..any setting above 3 a terrible burning smell of burning wires/plastic would emit, even set the fire detector off. Called the dealer, Chimney Restorations in Cambridge MD and a service tech responded. Their answer was you smell the oils burning off, and like a fool I accepted this as an answer. Every time I set the stove at 4 or 5 it would have the same wire/plastic burning smell, could not use any setting above three. Following year the blower went up and cost me close to $340 to fix, still cannot burn the stove at more than 3. Still I continued to complain about the burning smell and they did not care, so I gave up on them. One season after no problems except any heat setting higher than 3 the return of wires/plastic burning smell would revisit and the fire detectors would alarm again. Last year, 2016 the door hinges to the hopper went bad and 200 dollars later I replaced them. Also the scraper to clean the heating exchange tubes warped and will not move. The scraper for the heating exchange tubes also holds the fire wall in place. I have to now shove the firewall in place hoping it will not fall after each cleaning, I have to work a brush into into the tubes to clean the inside part the tubes. The scraper did this job but not anymore. There is not a replacement part for the heating exchange tube scraper and is considered not part part of the heating exchange system. Enviro said to bad, it is not part of the seven year warranty of the heating exchange system, even though there is no replacement parts and there is no possible way to remove it or replace it. Even though I gave up on this dealer where I bought the pellet stove from, I had to talk to them about the scraper and heating exchange tube warranty. This is what the company Enviro said, "I can use the system because it will not affect the stove." I guess when the lawsuit arises from my the firewall falling onto the fire pot and the home burns down, Enviro will think twice about their answer. This year, 2017 is the worst, circuit board is fried, however, with no lights emitting from the board it still works but cannot go pass two! I will never buy another Enviro product because of its poor quality, and deliberate avoidance of backing their product. I believe this stove should have been replaced immediately after the smell of wires/plastic burning causing the fire detectors to be set off. Also the dealer Chimney Restorations displayed poor service after the stove was sold. I was put to the back burner. I understand others may not have problems but just give it time. DO NOT BUY THIS STOVE.
    As I was writing this the heat plate fell and cannot be placed back on..Stove is now a 500lb hunk of metal. I guess its new home is the scrap yard, I literately wasted close to $5000 to buy/install.

  • Comment Link Gary M Sunday, 05 February 2017 20:43 posted by Gary M

    I also have the M55 Cast. Love this thing! A little noisy. I have it set on #3 and I burn about 2 bags a day. My house is 4k sqf but I have shut most of it off since the kids are gone. Heats the hous nicley. I have had no issues at all. I clean it out about every 2 days. Very easy.

    I have been using O'Malley and TSC Brand pellets and both are so so. Wish I could find better grade pellets. I also heard on here somewhere that by putting the setting on "Muliti Fuels" the stove will burn more efficient. Any ideas?

  • Comment Link Mike Monday, 02 January 2017 23:10 posted by Mike

    I have a M55 cast multi -fuel stove -I really have no problems with the stove except it seems to burning a lot of pellets -any suggestion? We run it mostly on 2 and sometimes bump it up to 3 and we are burning 2 bags per day -I could only image how many bags I would go through it I went up to 4 or 5 -also any suggestions or tips on the 6,7,8 button settings?

  • Comment Link AMac Thursday, 22 December 2016 17:44 posted by AMac

    Winter 2016 Update.
    M55C Insert still running top notch 2 years later. Everything I posted previously (in 2014, scroll down) still stands. This has been a great, no-fuss stove for us for three years now. Here are some more thoughts based on some of the other comments:

    Pellets: In general, if someone just makes comments about poor burn and lots of buildup without details about the pellets they've been using, BEWARE of their advice, as they either don't know much about pellet stoves or have an agenda. I do not work for any stove companies: I am only commenting based on my extensive research and experience with this particular stove. Pellet stoves and wood stoves are completely different animals.

    Pellet stoves can burn very differently depending on the different pellets used. BTU's and ASH levels vary WIDELY, and all have different burn characteristics! It's not just about cleaning properly, it's also about learning how your stove works and adjusting the settings depending on the pellets being used and how they are burning. This stove has numerous settings to adjust to fine-tune the pellets you use (not just on the key pad, there are also mechanical air supply adjustments you can make right from the front of the stove). As I mentioned, some pellets work better and more efficiently than others. For me the cheap box store pellets usually require a cleaning every 3-4 days and put out average heat (they tend to have higher ash levels). Northern Max (Cubex) require cleaning every 7-8 days or so and put out a ton of heat. This past winter we burned Okanagan Platinum and I was able to go up to *2 weeks* between cleanings if I pushed it. HOWEVER, also keep in mind that pellet qualities can sometimes change from year to year as manufacturer wood supply changes.

    Thermostat: (Sorry Ronnie, just seeing your question). Make sure you get a thermostat that can be set up for Pellet stoves. The LUX unit I'm using required a minor internal adjustment to use with pellet stoves, but you will find how to do that right in the instructions for the thermostat. Make sure the thermostat is hooked up properly to the stove and the wires are not reversed.

    WHISTLING when burning: Mine hasn't done this but the first thing I'd try to do is isolate where the whistling is coming from. Is it the blower fan, the combustion fan, or somewhere else? Is your stove an earlier model that benefits from lubricating the fan, or a later model? If you have the cleaning rails or have made your own, pull the stove out - you can inspect/remove either of these parts quite easily.

    If auger doesn't turn, you are either not cleaning it properly, you have an electrical /control board issue, or possibly a motor problem. If your electrical panel quit, it sounds like there's some other issue with this stove. As I mentioned, there are very specific types of surge protectors to use with wood stoves (research!). If you used a proper one and still had this problem I'd be questioning the part. If you are still having issues after replacing the part, there's something else going on here that sounds suspicious to me. This goes beyond just cleaning (by you or the store you bought it from). This needs a proper diagnosis on site by someone who knows what they're doing.

    Over all, I still believe Pellet stoves aren't for everyone. As with anything, know what you're getting into and be prepared to be hands on and/or willing to learn! If you do/can, you can have an awesome experience with this and other stoves!

  • Comment Link Dan Henry Saturday, 15 October 2016 00:37 posted by Dan Henry

    Wish I had read the reviews before I bought the M55 Enviro. We have had wood stoves & then bought this model. Same problems as stated in other comments. Cleaned often & also by the company we bought it from. Auger doesn't turn. Pellets build up. When it runs for awhile & shuts off. Electric panel quit & then a season later runs on manual. Of course out of warrantee. So stuck with it? For a multi fuel stove the pellets burn poorly & with a lot of buildup even with proper cleaning.
    Buying a Harmon !!!

  • Comment Link Pamela Page Wednesday, 12 October 2016 13:08 posted by Pamela Page

    My pellet stove, enviro m55c fpi, is whistling when burning and when cooling down. I just had it cleaned by the co. I bought it from. It still is whistling. It is noisy and distracting. What is the solution to fix this?

  • Comment Link Ronnie Wednesday, 07 January 2015 03:07 posted by Ronnie

    A-mac how do you have that thermostat hooked up? I have the same one but even when I set it to off it still feeds and runs.

    Thanks in advance

  • Comment Link John Fannon Tuesday, 30 December 2014 16:30 posted by John Fannon

    I have recently purchased the M55c-Fs pellet stove. Had it installed by local dealer(12/13/14) as far as heat out put the stove is a monster(setting 5,i use 3). Found when I lower the setting(2) it seems to make a rattling noise. just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem. The stove itself is a bit louder then I thought too. when I was in the showroom of dealer the model they had wasn't as loud. If anyone could help or share tricks of the trade it would be helpful. I am a newbie to pellets and don't have much experience. Thanks

  • Comment Link AMac Wednesday, 17 December 2014 04:21 posted by AMac

    This is our second year with the Enviro M55C FPI, and we absolutely love it! Have experienced none of the issues mentioned previously: only a very powerful yet quiet beast that has responded to anything we've asked it to burn - from cheap box store pellets (Nation's Pride) to my favorite (so far): Northern Max (Cubex). We're heating a 1600 sf ranch house on a mountain in Massachusetts with this stove without a problem. Here are some general reflections/comments about our experience:

    PELLETS AND CLEANING: I've found with the Northern Max pellets (and, in general, most ing this month) I do have to clean it more often (every 5-7 days) and with these pellets there is also a noticeable drop in BTU's from the Cubex.

    CLEANING: I think (as with most things) taking care of your stuff is the most important factor when it comes to longevity. I've taken this stove apart in the off season to see how it works, and the system is simple and very efficient. I have no idea how some of the problems in general I've heard some people describe about their pellet stoves could happen if they were really maintaining them, following manufacturer instructions, and paying attention! Warped burn pots? Perhaps with an older model but this thing is solid steel. Blown out circuit boards? Are you using the proper kind of surge protector for a pellet stove? Sometimes I wonder what people put into these stoves (or the kids when we're not looking!) Anyway, I'm very thorough when I do clean, and the M55 insert is pretty easy to do a complete job on in about 15-20 minutes once it cools.

    OVERHEATING PROBLEM? THIS IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE! Apparently the older model M55's had a smaller blower fan and different feed hole that occasionally caused overheating and shut-down. This has been fixed on the newer stoves with a larger blower and re-engineered feed, so you want to make sure your dealer is either selling you a new stove or will upgrade the old one. ZERO problems with this on ours (late 2013 build date). This baby will run really hot if you want it to and the new fan may be louder than the old one, but it's still noticeably quieter than all of the others we tested of similar BTU.

    THERMOSTAT: Although it came with a basic wall thermostat, this season we are using a touchscreen LUX TX9600 7-day programmable thermostat and it has worked flawlessly to heat the house when we're here and drop the temp when we're gone. It's been a beautiful thing - ever since I set the program all we worry about now is making sure the M55 has pellets and it does everything else automatically.

    IGNITOR: Ignitors on ANY pellet stove are a wearable item: they all have limited lifespans. You can improve the lifespan of your ignitor by NOT using the AUTO/OFF setting of your stove with the thermostat. Set it to HI-LOW so the stove will cycle but never shut off, and your ignitor will last longer. Also, at the end of the season if you leave pellets in the hopper, you can expect to have more problems with your auger and ignitor because the pellets will attract moisture. Bottom line, again: Listen to your manufacturer's instructions and become knowledgeable about your stove!

    BURNING PELLETS: Not sure how people are getting this thing to burn 3 bags a day unless they're running it on full (5) all day and night (which it would happily do and crank out a lot of heat too!). This is a 55,000+ BTU stove, people: It will heat a 2400" square foot house if you want it to, in which case 3 bags a day is going to be pretty normal. I averaged 9 or so bags per week last winter to heat our 1600 sf ranch - a little over 1 bag per day. 3 tons total from mid-December to April!

    LOOK: We fell in love with the look of this stove, and we also love the fact that you can swing the doors open to get a slightly more modern/open look. It's simply a classy-looking stove with just about the best flame I've ever seen on a pellet stove.

    FAUX LOG INSERT: We bought this because my wife wanted it to look more like a wood stove. To make a long story short, the faux logs really look great, but they interrupt the air wash pattern on the glass. This makes the glass dirty much quicker (within 2-3 days, depending on the pellets) then when we leave the log set out. Bottom line: we only use it now when we're going to have company... sometimes. Otherwise they sit in the basement. Skip this feature unless your wife must have it.

    CLEANING RAILS: I clean the stove myself in the off season, and it's easy to do with just a couple 2x4's framed together (look for pictures online). Unlatch two hooks and the M55 rolls right out onto the frame and lets you get to the back, where everything is easily accessible. Fans are lifetime-lubricated on the newer models of the M55C.

    BOTTOM LINE: Some friends have raved about Harmans and others have mixed reviews. If you go to a Harmon dealer, expect the "Apple" sales pitch, even if it's over-hyped and over-priced. They're good stoves - but there are a LOT of good stoves out there in 2014: Get out to look at your options! Make those salespeople turn on the stoves. Watch the stoves go through their lighting cycles and listen to the fans. We spent a lot of time doing this, fell in love with the Enviro M55C, and highly recommend it based on out experience since. Having said that, Pellet stoves are not for everyone. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into!

    Thanks for reading this review - hope it helps you make a decision that works for you!


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