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Glow Boy Wood Pellets

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A cost-benefit analysis shows why Dansons Glow Boy Premium Softwood Pellets, Kentucky Komfort Premium Softwood Pellets and Homewood Premium Softwood Pellets are the most cost-effective products for your wood pellet stove. Our fuel has some of the highest BTU values and lowest ash content in the industry. 

Our premium wood pellets are manufactured at Dansons new state-of-the-art pellet plant, one of the largest in the industry. The pellets are made from pure white spruce and pine fiber. The fiber is formed into pellets using moisture and pressure, without additives.

The pellets are heat sealed in a UV protected, 3.5 mil, 40 lb/18.1 kg plastic bag. Pallets of 60 bags, protected in an 8 inch cardboards tray are then stretch wrapped and dovered with a 4 mil plastic pallet cover. A second stretch warp is then applied to prevent material breakdown and weather damage. Our superior packaging is another component of our quality assurance program.

Dansons' pellet plant is part of a large sawmill operation that produces hundreds of tons of white wood fiber on a daily basis. With this kind of supply we are able to ship large quantity orders in a timely manner. Because we control our own fiber supply, we can offer a secure long term supply of high quality wood pellets.

100% natural, NO ADDITIVES
Energy value of 8700 BTU's/lb
Ash content of .39%
Moisture content of 4.86%
Double-screened, then vacuumed
Environmentally friendly
Burning wood pellets eliminates work, mess and air pollution
No mess!

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