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LG Granules LG pellets

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LG Granules wood fuel pellets

LG Granules or granules lg,, out of Canada offers top-quality softwood pellets made from Black Spruce and Grey Pine. The company now has a highly trained team of professionals using state-of-the-art equipment allowing them to produce a consistently great product for the consumer.

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  • Heating value: 8,500 BTU/lb on average
  • Tree species: Black Spruce and Grey Pine
  • Density: 40 lbs/ft3 on average
  • Humidity: 4.5% on average
  • Ash: Less than 0.5%
  • Binding agent: Resin (lignin) normally contained in the raw material



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  • Comment Link Larry Tuesday, 12 January 2016 20:17 posted by Larry

    Purchased 3 tons of Granules LG wood pellets this spring.Big mistake, Dirtiest pellets I have ever used. Lots of fine ask or soot that requires almost daily cleaning.

  • Comment Link M Wednesday, 06 January 2016 14:19 posted by M

    We are burning maximum soft hardwood blend and they are the worst pellets ever! Do not buy them they are junk a bunch of garbage we paid top dollar for I will never buy from them again they are junk so junky that I'm sure burning garbage is probably cleaner

  • Comment Link L  Westfall Tuesday, 17 November 2015 23:17 posted by L Westfall

    First year with a pellet stove, Drolet Eco-65. I have nothing to compare to, but burn pot cleans easily and glass stays relatively clean. Looks to be about 25 bags to fill the ash pan.

  • Comment Link Tim Saturday, 12 September 2015 02:10 posted by Tim

    These burn great in a Quadra fire Mount Vernon. They put out great heat and little lash. They are so efficient for a Quadra fire that I ordered six tons this year for 2015 winter. I know for a fact that stoves are not created equal and what burns well in one may not burn as efficient in another . I have been burning hard wood pellets for the past 4 years and I have to say this company has got it right for the Quadra fire Mount Vernon.

  • Comment Link Rick Monday, 27 April 2015 14:25 posted by Rick

    LG purchased this year to burn in my Harmon stove are the absolute worst pellets I have ever burned! Window turns brown within 12 hours after cleaning and they produce a large amount of ash and clinkers, Cleaned this morning and the inside was covered with a creosote like coating which I haven't seen since I used to have an air tight wood stove.
    Next season I will be returning to Curran Pellets produced in Massena, New York.

  • Comment Link Chris Tuesday, 24 March 2015 00:12 posted by Chris

    The LG granules I purchased this year were not that good. Had some issues with them not burning as great as what they are indicating. Purchased 4 tons of fuel. I complained to the distributer about miosture issue in some of the bags. They responded back to me in regards to the issue and said that a batch of pellets did not dry properly and would compensate me. But these pellets are it cheap and for $$$$ I spent on them not happy.

  • Comment Link Brian Sullivan Friday, 02 January 2015 17:35 posted by Brian Sullivan

    I'm in the Plymouth, NH area and cannot get LGs by the ton. I am being told by several that they are having a hard time getting product (Spruce). Some say the Chinese are buying up large amounts of Spruce from Canada. While occasionally I find someone with a few tons, I have had to go to Maine Woods blend.

    I will say that the LGs are better. About the same heat, but, much cleaner. Very dusty when pouring and more ash, not much but more. Plus the LG bag is much nicer, stronger, better design, easier to pour.

  • Comment Link Mary Ann Thursday, 01 January 2015 17:59 posted by Mary Ann

    Bought the LG Pellets last year for our newly installed Harmon fireplace insert. Had a P35i Harman pellet insert installed last year. The house was so warm - never had it that warm with the oil heat. The LG pellets burned hot and very little ash. Bought the same pellets this year, from the same supplier, and they are terrible. Turned the stove up to 90 on the room setting - the room will only warm up to around 70 degrees. Last year kept it at 70 on the stove setting and it was so warm in the whole house that we had to turn it down. This year the only room that is fairly warm is where the stove is located - need to turn the oil heat on to heat the rest of the house. Not sure if I would buy these pellets again.

  • Comment Link Peggy Grace Monday, 06 October 2014 15:17 posted by Peggy Grace

    Are there any suppliers of LG wood pellets in southern PA

  • Comment Link brad Tuesday, 30 September 2014 01:06 posted by brad

    Just got a pellet stove summer fall 2014. I got these pellets with my stove Manchester VT. Burn good low enough ash. They told me Vermont Wood Pellets were the best for my stove but because of manufacturing problems low supply this year. Next year I will preorder Vermont wood pellets.


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