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Greene Team Wood Pellets

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Greene Team (Green Team) wood pellet fuel pellets

Pellet quality is our number one goal at Greene Team. We receive fresh sawdust daily from local sawmills and process it into wood pellet fuel quickly. The sawdust never has had a chance to degrade prior to pelletization. This ensures the highest BTU value possible. Our state of the art facility allows us to produce the highest quality pellet fuel consistently. We have an in house lab and test finished product every ½ hour to maintain quality control. All pellets are screened twice prior to bagging to eliminate fines in the bag.

  • Bulk Density (lbs/cubic foot): 40 - 46
  • Diameter (inches): 0.250 to 0.285
  • Fines % (at the mill gate): < 0.5
  • Inorganic Ash %: 0 - 1
  • Length (% greater than 1.5 inches): < 1
  • Moisture %: <= 8
  • BTUs: > 8000

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  • Comment Link Howard Smith Monday, 05 January 2015 22:15 posted by Howard Smith

    Being a dealer of wood pellets we hear horror stories about every pellet out there and most of the time it's is related to improper stove maintenance and setting, but on a very few occasions there are pellet issues and a good dealer and product manufacturer should be able to resolve. But enough of this and now the positive I have begun dealing with Greene Team this past year as this is the farthest dealer from central Ny to the Pa -Wv border from me. There product has out preformed and has become my customers new favorite pellet, there heat btu's are fantastic, Ash light and fluffy and they respond to inquires, deliver as needed and use great product to create amazing pellets.

  • Comment Link Deborah Thursday, 01 January 2015 18:10 posted by Deborah

    I have used many different pellets. When I go to buy These are the first ones I look for. Very good pellets, burn hot , low ash and only dump my ash pan once every 2 weeks. I live in central Pa. We do get artic blasts in Jan. thru March these burn hot when needed. I recommend these pellets they are 10 in my book.

  • Comment Link Carl Monday, 10 November 2014 15:11 posted by Carl

    I have a Harman stove and Have been using it for over 12 years. I found that the Green Team Platinum pellets work the best for me. I have my auger turned to it lowest setting {1} and I don't get Black soot. Glass is clean and back of fire is white not black. I bought 3 tons from Lowes, I have 2 tons left from last season
    All other brands I have to put settings at {3} And glass gets smoked and back of fire is black. I really enjoy Green Team platinum and hope the quality continues.
    I hope this is helpful.

  • Comment Link Mark Kimball Monday, 20 October 2014 09:52 posted by Mark Kimball

    I cleaned my Harman Accentra on Saturday and Monday morning woke to a cool house and almost totally covered glass. I run my stove on feed rate 4 and temp set at 75. I had Greene Team 2 years ago, and they were great. I hand loaded 5 tons, and hope against hope that they're not going to make me sorry. I bought 2 bags of the "Platinum" and was told they're the same as the "Gold" I have now, but the Platinum were much lighter in color similar to Dry Creek or Cubex. I wonder if GT isn't using more bark in the mix??

  • Comment Link Jay Sunday, 21 September 2014 02:05 posted by Jay

    I bought some from Lowes in late August, this year (2014). I recently attempted to use a bag only to find that they do not ignite. I thought at first it may be my stove and so attempted to start them using a starter brick in the stove and then (just in case the stove didn't have enough air being fed), outside. They still would not start. The pellets would "singe" black and that was all they'd do. I'm guessing based on other reviews that it may just be a bad batch, but I am not impressed since I had to pick up and put away all 3 pallets.

  • Comment Link Ray G Friday, 04 April 2014 13:02 posted by Ray G

    I've been burning wood pellets in my Enviro pellet stove for 5 years. I've burned several brands of pellets and none have produced the black soot that the Greene Team pellets produce. I even did a thorough cleaning of the stove, stove pipe and chimney, and even replaced the door gasket. Nothing seem to help the black soot problem. I contacted Greene Team and they sent me a box to return a bag of pellets for testing. As you might expect, the company found that the pellets met all specifications. I believe that something besides wood was introduced into the manufacturing process of these pellets. Since this company was previously a coal mining company, I believe that coal is the culprit of this black soot problem.

  • Comment Link Peggy Sue Plaisted Wednesday, 26 March 2014 23:49 posted by Peggy Sue Plaisted

    Hello Rob,
    Just wanted to say "Thank You" for making quality pellets! I have been burning all different brands for 7 years now, and your Green Team pellets are by far the best! They burn exactly as you claim, which is rare. So keep up the good work, and produce more! I have had a hard time getting them. Always sold out! Would it be possible for you to contact Agway in Grove City, PA in reference to having your brand on stock? Would save me a long drive to get them elsewhere. Once again, love your pellets and keep them coming!
    Peggy Sue Plaisted

  • Comment Link Dan Barboza Monday, 10 March 2014 01:14 posted by Dan Barboza

    Would like to know where I can find your pellets again
    I used them in the past and loved them I have a Harman stove
    I live in south coast, MA

  • Comment Link Rick Langevin Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:29 posted by Rick Langevin

    I bought 2 1/2 tons this year and was impressed. Good heat and clean burn. I have a Harmon P43 and clean the burn pot and glass every day and find it very easy. I also do a major cleaning once a month.

    I would have more impressed had they not burned very fast compared to other pellets I have used.

    I would use them again if the price was right. Compared to comparable pellets I feel Lowes pricing was a bit too high at $280.00 per ton and no volume discount.

  • Comment Link Joe McDonald Tuesday, 18 February 2014 16:49 posted by Joe McDonald

    I have a breckwell stove and have been burning pellets for approx. 6 years. I purchased 4 tons of Green Team Platinum pellets from Lowes. These are the worst pellets I have ever used. The stove glass gets extremely sooty and I have to clean the fire pot every other day as they don't completely burn. I used Green Supreme last year and they were far better than these.


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