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Hamer's Hot Ones

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Hamer's Hot Ones Wood Pellet Fuel

Hamers Hot Ones pellet fuel is made from clean sawdust, much of which comes from our own lumber operations in the heart of the Appalachian Region of the United States in West Virginia. Distribution area is in the mid Atlantic and NorthEast States (WV, VA, PA, MD, NJ, OH, CT, Del, NC and Mass.)

Why Choose Hamer's Hot Ones? The dust is compressed into pellets that produce clean, reliable heat with low emissions and an extremely small amount of ash.
Experience - We are the oldest residential pellet manufacturer in the Eastern United States. We know how to provide quality pellets consistently.

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  • Comment Link john %AM, %08 %149 %2017 %02:%Feb posted by john

    After three years of High Heat, Little ash and clean glass, the pellets in 2016 / 2017 burn with terrible black deposits on the doors glass. I am disappointed this year.
    Kozi Previa

  • Comment Link  jscott6 %AM, %08 %144 %2017 %02:%Feb posted by jscott6

    after three years of High Heat Little ash and clean galss, the pellets in 2016 / 2017 burn with terrible black deposits on the doors glass. I am disappointed this year.

  • Comment Link SamuraiArtGuy %AM, %31 %353 %2016 %07:%Jan posted by SamuraiArtGuy

    We used mostly Hamers last year - the 2014-15 Season, and they were the best of the pellets we've tried. Burned hot, not a lot of ash, cleaned the stove generally weekly.

    However, since we were so pleased, we set in a 4 ton supply over the summer while we had a preorder discount. But once the heating season started we've been a bit disappointed. This years "crop" does not seem to be burning quite as hot, and producing far more ash, and the quality of the ash seems different. So we're cleaning about every 6-8 bags now. But what's been the most annoying is we're getting clogged pots with clinker beds a LOT. At least 5 times since the heating season and twice back to back. Two of the clinkers were laced with a curious green residue, which I surmise indicates inpurities in the pellets.

    Looking down the thread, I see a lot of variation with peoples results. I gather that the season, "crop" and "Batch" seems to vary a LOT. - Which is a bit annoying you get the best prices by the ton. An aside, our next best pellet was Lignetics. We're in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.

  • Comment Link Donna  Dellinger %AM, %12 %143 %2016 %02:%Jan posted by Donna Dellinger

    How do I find someone who sells Hammer Hot ones and what the price is per ton. We would also be interested in being a dealer for Hammer Hot Ones.

  • Comment Link Kevin Fitzgerald %PM, %22 %677 %2015 %15:%Nov posted by Kevin Fitzgerald

    My pellet supplier, as I am sure do many, says the best pellet is what works in your appliance. In 10 seasons of using a Harman fireplace insert, I have formed conclusions, if not scientific, of what works best for my situation. I concur that Hamers does produce plenty of heat, has very low ash but they seem to burn more quickly than other premium products. I still prefer all-oak Turman, and in last year's shortage I was pleased with Cubex. Hamers is a solid second choice, better if the price is right.

  • Comment Link Matt %PM, %29 %909 %2015 %20:%Oct posted by Matt

    I started using Hamer's and I'm very happy with the product. So little ash, higher heat output and less used. This is my 2nd year of using my pellet stove and I am not going to by the Energex again - way way too much ash. Hamer's gets my vote!!!

  • Comment Link Travis %PM, %05 %940 %2015 %21:%Feb posted by Travis

    I've tried at 8 to 10 pellet brands over the year past 10 years, and Hamer BY FAR was the hottest burning pellet in my Englander stove. Little ash, and when burning Hamer's it takes twice as long to dirty up the glass door, as compared to Energex or other brands I've used lately. I have a hard time finding them any more between Sunbury and Harrisburg Pa. I found few places that sell them but for well over 300 a ton. When energex sells for 200 a ton, I can't bring myself to spend 330 on Hamers.

  • Comment Link Scott Touchton %PM, %16 %760 %2015 %17:%Jan posted by Scott Touchton

    I am going to buck the trend here - this is a pellet i will not buy again. I am an engineer (efficiency guy) and measure the heat output of my stove (drolet ECO065 that will burn most anything...). I measure the BTU in the air stream (temp rise vs volume).

    My "normal" pellet to compare to is StoveChow.

    I bought Hamers at a premium, buying into the hype that it produced more heat and less ash.

    I will admit it produces less ash, but no better than Blazer (which I can get at a box store).

    As for heat, it is the coolest I have used. Nations Choice produced more heat. Hamers burns so cool, my stove is not guaranteed to light. Burn pot fills, flame starts but temp does not alway rise high enough to allow the stove to know it is lit and burning. Never had this issue with any other pellet.

    Once burn is established, air temp is 15 degrees colder than my previous worst pellet - Nations Choice (140F vs 155F - obtained with setting 4 of my stove - input air temp and humidity was the same).

    To make sure it was not my stove causing this, I switched back to a hopper full of Blazer and obtained the 160F I am used too. (So, you can see the premium pellet burns 20F colder than the box store pellet).

    For my stove, this pellet is a poor choice for the money.

  • Comment Link Wayne %PM, %23 %649 %2014 %14:%Dec posted by Wayne

    Cannot locate Hamers Hot Ones in Delaware. One of my favorite pellet to use. Why the diminished supply? Where can I get in the 19702 zip code?

  • Comment Link The hearth shop %PM, %06 %851 %2014 %19:%Aug posted by The hearth shop

    We have sold 900 ton this year so far and need some new suppliers for upstate NY


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