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Best Wood Pellets 2017

I'm back in a new house with a Harman Accentra!  I could not be happier than to bring you the best of the best wood pellets for 2017.  I have been on a bit of a hiatis for the past 2 years after selling my home with the Lopi Leyden. (awesome stove)  But now we are back to bring you the best reviews possible for the heating season of 2017-18.  

Here is the list of pellets I have received so far and my pics of, what I think, are going to be the best of 2017 not in any particular order;

Before you leave a bad wood pellet review, do you have one of these?

ash vac

This is a must have for your pellet stove!  And the best ash vac in my eyes!

I own this one and love it! it's only $60 or so bucks and worth every penny! Also, you can get all sorts of nice pellet stove attachments.  Click on that image and buy it now or use the link below.

check this out


So I'm going to go out on a limb here... and I BET you own a wood pellet stove... (not rocket science) and are either....

  1. Right about to pull the trigger on $1000 or so in pellets and want to see what others have experienced burning the brand of pellets you are about to buy.
  2. have already purchased  and now REALLY UPSET that you bought a bunch of CRAP!  
  3. Or... like me, is a wood pellet stove owner that exibits certain behaviors and fully excepts and understands that....
    • Heating with wood pellets save me money and you love to save money.
    • Wood pellets are the best way to heat my house AND save money
    • Wants to see "how hot my stove can actually get"  (and invested in a thermal infra-red scanner) after finding yet another brand of pellets claiming to be "Super Premium Pellets"
    • Want to click on all the google ads here so I can make a few $$$.. (thank you BTW)

Hey!, .... thus..... my wood pellet reivews site.  

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 Understanding the properties of wood pellets helps consumers to choose wisely when stocking up fuel, making the most of their heating investment.   read more

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