This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Homestead Wood Pellets

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Homestead Wood Pellet Fuel

Homestead Pellets are said to exceed the Pellet Fuel Institute’s standard for premium grade pellets, providing a high heat, low maintenance burn. Manufactured for the budget-minded customer who doesn’t want to sacrifice quality, Homestead Wood Pellets are made with clean-burning hardwood. Easy on your stove and your wallet!

I really liked these pellets especially the long burn time.  The ash may have been a little bit higher than say Cubex, or Vermont but I loved them.

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  • Comment Link Larry Buckley %PM, %01 %847 %2012 %19:%Dec posted by Larry Buckley

    I have a Harman Advance, It is kept very clean for brand comparisons. I bought 4 Tons of Homestead last year and really regret it. Good thing it was warm! Im burning off the last half ton with all the same problems of last year. There is lots of very light fly ash with white specks in it (like paper ashes). The pellets burn up so fast that I have to keep the feed rate on Max just to get a small portion of the heat other brands have delivered. If the set Temp is reached and the stove burns at a lower rate, the flame isnt enough to keep the stove burning and it just goes out giving me an error code 6. I never see the pellet much past it entering the burn tray, just the ashes of it. This product is not for temps below 30F. Homestead and Stove Chow are the two worst performing products I have burned. Do your homework, then buy something else!

  • Comment Link Noreaster %PM, %21 %856 %2012 %19:%Jan posted by Noreaster

    Here in the northeast, where we regularly get below zero temperatures, these pellets are just not hot enough. Fine for milder weather but with my Enviro Empress on highest setting it struggles to heat the house when temp drops below about 20 degrees. I recommend clean fire pacific or LG.

  • Comment Link Dan %AM, %06 %082 %2011 %00:%Nov posted by Dan

    Gave them a shot based on the review here. Fired off a 3 ton Order and they seem to be real good. Good heat,clean burn,low ash. I have Burnt NE and Barefoot and these hang tough with them


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