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Kirtland Premium Wood Pellets

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Kirtland Pellets is a blend of Michigan soft and hardwood species that are double-screened to assure low fines. The pellets burn hot with low ash. Kirtland Pellets is
premium grade.

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  • Admin Review: These pellets performed outstandingly for me. I really like the product and know that you will not go wrong when you purchase these pellets for the winter.

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  • Comment Link Thomas Saturday, 17 September 2016 11:09 posted by Thomas

    Hi CJ, would you mind stating which brand pellets you are talking about ?

  • Comment Link CJ Friday, 02 September 2016 14:15 posted by CJ

    I used these pellets last year and they out performed every other brand I tried. They are super clean, super hot and require very little maintenance. I had mine delivered straight from the company; they were a pleasure to work with and dropped them off right in my garage. These pellets are awesome...

  • Comment Link parnell johnson Sunday, 21 February 2016 19:21 posted by parnell johnson

    Have used these pellets for 2 weeks now and pellet stove is very clean, usually after 5 days glass is dirty burning Michigan Wood Fuel pellets from Holland and Cherry pits are even dirtier. Bought these from Family Farm in Twin Lake, Mi. 7 miles from my house. Wow what a big difference, even told Family Farm (where I Purchased) to keep these in stock, they said they wood pass this on to corperate office, But I thought I would do this myself. Keep selling to Family Farm down here or I will have to find another dealer, if you know of one in Muskegon area.

  • Comment Link Mike Williams Friday, 19 February 2016 18:50 posted by Mike Williams

    I've burned seven different brands of pellets, I will only burn one brand now after using Kirtland. By far the cleanest and best burning of any out there.

  • Comment Link Josh Saturday, 28 February 2015 08:24 posted by Josh

    I Like Kirkland pellets when I can get them I live only a half he away from them but no one ever has them!!! I call bs on that locals first!!!

  • Comment Link don mobley Thursday, 01 January 2015 23:04 posted by don mobley

    We purchased three tons of pellets for our quadrifier stove. About half of them caused excessive clinkers that required cleaning the firepot several times a day. Or else the stove would not light. I worked with the company president sending samples etc. They settled the problem to my complete satisfaction. I will not hesitate to use kirtland pellets next year.

  • Comment Link shawn sygo Monday, 10 November 2014 00:14 posted by shawn sygo

    I have a harmed pellet stove the pellets burn hot and hardly any ash but turn every thing rely black it's not tare any one else have that problem our is it normal.

  • Comment Link Mary Smith Thursday, 23 October 2014 20:32 posted by Mary Smith

    Tried for the first time last burning season. Because of the varied length of pellets, were hard to regulate the burn. Got caught and plugged our auger. Would not recommend. We have a Quadrafire.

  • Comment Link Paul Szlaki Thursday, 14 August 2014 14:02 posted by Paul Szlaki

    Kirtland Pellets are the best. I have commented about Kirtland Pellets before. I guess I am a bit surprised about the comment below. This winter I burned five tons of Kirtland wood pellets without any issue whatsoever. In all, I have burned 12 tons of Kirtland Pellets. I have not had any moisture issues. As a matter of fact, the test sheet from my last ton says the moisture is 6.13%. Be careful where you buy your pellets to make sure they are not being stored outside. Once you get them home, store them inside. If bags get wet, any brand of pellets will break down into sawdust. If you keep them dry, they will be good. I use a CSW model MF3800 stove. They recommend you take the cover off the fan and clean the blades every year. I have never had anything to clean. It has always been clean already. I have never had buildup on the auger or in my hopper. I empty the ash pan and clean off all of the inside surfaces once per week.

  • Comment Link William Sunday, 30 March 2014 20:25 posted by William

    Been repairing and using pellet stoves since 2004. Burn myself about 7 to 9 tons a year. Never has a single issue with any brand till Kirtland. Here is the problem as tested! Not properly dried causing the fines (dust) to stick together as if they are glued and in every instance I had to use a tool to unstick the pellet goo jammed between the auger blades. The length is yet another issue with some so sappy it was extremely hard to break the pellet with my hands and I am far from weak (breaks head bolts on GM big blocks). One stove the long pellets caused a log jam in the drop tube as if you took a 2x4 and hammered in into a door jam. It took hell to break them loose because they were so hard and sappy like a green tree branch. I strongly suggest never using them and spread the word. Sad thing is I warned them of this back in November 2013, and I know a supplier did also and another person using them. Nothing has changed and still the same issue. I literally just took apart a stove and found the same issue. In all cases the auger motors were blown and augers were damaged beyond use. Today they paid for an auger motor, auger, two auger bearings, sheer pin, and the bottom auger bearing race is now bent, and will have to replace the stove this spring due to the damage. I am thinking about legal action if I can find enough people with evidence of stove damage. If at least to recover their costs of repairs. This company was warned and nothing was done to change the problems. Mind you I am a buy local guy and hate buying out of my area, so I used them as my supplier and got screwed as well as many others.
    If you have proof of the costs and are willing to recoup your losses email moronfilter at