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Lowes Wood Pellets

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Lowe's Home Improvement Center really does a nice job of providing a variety of wood pellets.  For somebody like me who like to try as many pellets as they can, then Lowes is the place for me.  Home Depot is usually very limited to 1 or 2 different varieties.

Wood Pellets Sold @ Lowe's


  • Somerset Wood Pellets (top buy! outstanding pellet for $197)
  • Green Supreme (New England Wood Pellets)
  • Press-to-logs
  • Inferno Wood Pellets
  • Greene Team / Green Team Wood Pellets
  • Maine's Choice Wood Pellets
  • Corinth Wood Pellets
  • Curan Wood Pellets


Please email me any that I am missing.  Call your local Lowes to find out which pellets they are stocking.  Most Lowes do have a few varieties on hand at all times.  Email me which ones they have and I'll tell you which one is the best wood pellet this year.


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  • Comment Link Marie Monday, 11 January 2016 03:37 posted by Marie

    My Lowe's is advertising online Golden Fire and Greene Team, but seem to only actually carry Sierra in the stores. Any info on this brand???
    Thank you!

  • Comment Link Pierre Pelissier Sunday, 03 January 2016 03:50 posted by Pierre Pelissier

    I ordered 5 pallets of the Cheat River hardwood pellets and noticed that the individual bags are weak and has holes in them . I have only opened up one pallet so far and had to duck tape the holes on 10 bags. Not happy with the quality of the pellets at all. This brand burns 2 bags a day when I was use to burning 1 in 24 hrs . The other brand was Green Supreme , better bag and better quality.

  • Comment Link peter Sunday, 21 September 2014 11:08 posted by peter

    greene team platinum pellets at my local Lowes, I have a Lennox Whitfield insert, what do you think Thanks for your input.

  • Comment Link Bill Sunday, 20 November 2011 20:29 posted by Bill

    first of all i'm no pellets expert give you the best opion i can, i use a harman xxv for my pellets. I burned green team last year in a pinch put out good heat, ash wasn't to bad, glass stayed pretty clean, this year using green supreme i think the heat is litle bit better but ash seems little bit higher. either one i was happy with for a large chain store.


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