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Maeder Brothers Wood Pellets

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Our premium wood pellets will save you money and time. Maeder Brother Quality Wood Pellets are packaged in easy to store and use 40 lb. bags. Simply open the bag, pour the pellets into the pellet stove and warm your home!

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  • Comment Link brian t Sunday, 12 November 2017 23:08 posted by brian t

    terrible amount of ash. I have burned a dozen brands over the years and these are the lowest heat ouptut and the highest amount of ash. Will never purchase these again

  • Comment Link Dan Wednesday, 30 November 2016 02:37 posted by Dan

    Absolute trash!!! I've been burning wood pellets for 14 years through 3 different brand stoves currently a harman p68...I've burned about every pellet out there these are horrible..high ash high dust high price low heat output...if all pellets were this poor I'd switch to propane

  • Comment Link Roger Bulkley Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:21 posted by Roger Bulkley

    Like another posting, I burned 4 ton of Maeder pellets last year and didn't seem to have problems, although I was a "newbie" and didn't have prior experience with a pellet stove. My stove is a Breckwell 2700. So, I bought another 4 ton for this season. Bad, Bad, Bad mistake! Pellets burned(?) so terribly that heat output was less, had to clean front and side glass every day, and they were very difficult to keep burning. Last year I could burn at a 3 setting when I really wanted more heat, and this year could not burn past a 2 setting without the fire pot filling with semi-burned pellets, forming clinkers(?). I keep the interior burn chamber and heat flow passageways clean, exhaust clean, and even put a new combustion blower and room air convection blower in--did no good. Then bought a ton of Vulcan wood products pellets and they burned much hotter and my burn pot did not fill up nearly as fast. I called Maeder and wanted to know if they changed anything in their manufacture, but all I got was a voice mail, which was never responded too after several attempts on my part. They obviously do not care about customer service and just continue to sell inferior product. Because something changed from last year to this, it was a huge mistake and they should take responsibility for their product quality degredation. Give them a one star.

  • Comment Link Dave Monday, 21 March 2016 23:42 posted by Dave

    Worst pellets by far!
    Never a problem with others, my first negative review; only review for others to be aware.

  • Comment Link David Tuesday, 23 February 2016 17:02 posted by David

    Worst pellets I've ever burned, coudln't believe how often I had to clean my stove. Also the amount of ash from these things is unreal! They burn dirty and got a bunch of soot on my siding as well. I wouldn't burn these again if I got a ton for free...absolute JUNK

  • Comment Link Darius Monday, 01 February 2016 03:44 posted by Darius

    These things are garbage. Worthy of every negative comment below. They claim to be a member of the pellet fuel institute but the PFI doesn't even know who they are. Be weary of their false advertisement and lies. This company is trash. Maeder Brothers Trash pellets.

  • Comment Link Matt Tuesday, 26 January 2016 04:10 posted by Matt

    I bought a ton without reading reviews, these should not be considered wood pellets, instead call them hardwood mulch,that is if they are even made from hardwood. Mulching your flower beds is all these are good for.worst burning pellets I ever encountered!!!!!! After 10 bags I refuse to put any more through my pellet guys ought to be ashamed of yourself your selling these as premium pellets.much worse you put your family name on the bags,your embarrassing your entire family that isn't associated with your pellet company, good job....

  • Comment Link Justin Thursday, 29 October 2015 21:58 posted by Justin

    Maeder brothers pellets are horrible.Low heat, tons of ash and large clinkers.

  • Comment Link Jeff Saturday, 03 October 2015 15:27 posted by Jeff

    As the heating season is off to a start. I fired up the pellet stove. This year I switched brands. BIG mistake buying the Maeder Bros brand. I have a Magnum Countryside stove. Very low heat and ALOT of ash! Very disappointed in these pellets. Should have did some research before purchasing. I wonder how the got the premium grade put on these pellets cause they are far from being premium. Will not buy again.

  • Comment Link Buddy Sunday, 01 March 2015 20:16 posted by Buddy

    I have a Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Insert. Maeder Brothers Wood Pellets give off an incredible amount of ash, much more than any other brand I have used. Definitely a brand to avoid.


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