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Michigan Wood Pellets

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Michigan Wood Fuel's focus on quality. Hard 1inch Pellets


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  • Comment Link ro Wednesday, 04 March 2015 17:36 posted by ro

    HARMAN P35i insert. Just bought 20 bags from Family Farm and home. First impression was that they had a musty/moldy smell. They do not burn as hot as Pellets. Too early to speak on the ask or smoke.

  • Comment Link Melvin Thursday, 08 January 2015 04:36 posted by Melvin

    One of the worst pellets I have burned. Plugged up my augur do to pellets that are over 2 inches long. Constantly cleaning clinkers out of my fire pot. Window gets very dirty and my house is cold. I have a kozy 100 pellet stove and no matter how I adjust it air,feed rate nothing seems to work.And I get no heat out of them and constantly babysitting the stove. NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS OF THIS COMPANY OR THERE PRODUCT

  • Comment Link Mike Monday, 17 March 2014 21:24 posted by Mike

    Bummed. I had mixed experiences with this brand. I bought 1 ton earlier in the year. Good stuff.
    So I went with them again later in the winter. And completely different results. I had clinkers the size of bird nests. Had to babysit the stinking firepot to make sure I kept it cleaned out of clinkers multiple times a day when you're only suppose to have to clear it out once a day. Not buying again. Don't know what happened, but after reading the reviews, looks like the company got lazy somehow.
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  • Comment Link Ronald Friday, 24 January 2014 03:36 posted by Ronald

    Bought my little baby last year and love it. I used 3 ton of Michigan wood pellets, from the same place. Had no idea of good or bad--pure virgin. This year I bought a different brand and ouch, did I ever learn. Started doing research and soon discovered that by listening to what other people say, from personal experience, I could possibly save myself a lot of mistakes. So as it stands right now I think I am doing good. So thank all of you for your personal knowledge and sharing it.P/S just read lower comments---now ok--anybody--muskegon michigan,who has the best????

  • Comment Link Chuck Bauman Monday, 09 December 2013 14:15 posted by Chuck Bauman

    I have 2 Pellet burners, a Harmon PB-105 and a top of the line Harmon fireplace insert. I have been burning for 5 years now and clean my burners at least once a week. I found Michigan pellets to be very very poor quality. Pro pellets have always been good and this year I tried Kernel Burner pellets. Although they are a proprietary pellet, they are well worth the $185/ton.

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