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Michigan Wood Pellets

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Michigan Wood Fuel's focus on quality. Hard 1inch Pellets


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  • Comment Link B.P Thursday, 16 February 2017 16:33 posted by B.P

    I've had great luck with Michigan wood fuels, everyone says pro pellet is the best, I've gone through to agitators with Pro pellet, my burn basket gets built up with Slag i call it so where's the lobes off the agitator really fast, had a service Guy come out and look had the sales rep from Pro he says nothing is wrong with the pellets service guy says there's nothing wrong with my stove I turn my feed way down, but it still plugs up the basket hole and fill the basket to the top

  • Comment Link Tammy Sunday, 10 January 2016 16:07 posted by Tammy

    I have a Magnum Countryside 3500P... an awesome stove!

    These Michigan Wood Pellets are the worst pellets I have EVER used. DO NOT BUY THEM!!!
    I am so frustrated because I bought 3 tons of them to get thru the winter and had them delivered from Menards in October. (prior to I bought 20 bags at first to test out and they were fine) but getting into the first ton they started causing my stove to shut down all the time.

    I had a repair person out thinking it was my stove...(cost me nearly 400 dollars service call to go thru everything and test different things, replaced the draft motor, (it was working but getting slow so figured since he was here may as well replace it) he completely cleaned it out and it kept happening, now he is convinced 100% that it is the pellets. I couldn't believe it so i bought 2 bags of another brand and the stove worked perfect as normal..

    As soon as I put the MIchigan Pellets back in, it burned for a couple of hours and then it shuts down, also noticed as it has gotten colder that they don't burn as hot as other brands of pellets. For example when I put my stove on setting 2, it is sufficient heat, with these pellets even moving it to a setting 4, the heat blowing out is not as hot as other brands at setting 2.

    The only thing I can figure out with these pellets is they seem to burn so fast that before more can be augered in (even on a high setting) the pellets burn up and go out, also for some reason a couple of turns with crumbly pellets from this brand causes problems with keeping the fire going, i have tried adjusting the draft, the speed of the auger, even the speed of the fire stirrer and nothing will work.

    I have had a stove since 2009 so this isn't my first winter experiencing heating with it and now I am stuck with hundreds of dollars in pellets that won't stay burning. Today I am trying mixing them with corn right now to see if I can at least be able to use them as I have no other choice.

    Tomorrow I am going to call Menards to see if they will come out and refund my money or give me a different brand, which I highly doubt they will.

  • Comment Link Nick Sunday, 04 October 2015 16:20 posted by Nick

    I have a american harvest and this pellet seems not to burn as hot nor slow as as pro pellets but my stove dont have a problem burning them at all but im gunna cancel out both and go with summer set pellets thats the best pellet i have burned yet they burn hot and slow which makes them very effecient

  • Comment Link ro Wednesday, 04 March 2015 17:36 posted by ro

    HARMAN P35i insert. Just bought 20 bags from Family Farm and home. First impression was that they had a musty/moldy smell. They do not burn as hot as Pellets. Too early to speak on the ask or smoke.

  • Comment Link Melvin Thursday, 08 January 2015 04:36 posted by Melvin

    One of the worst pellets I have burned. Plugged up my augur do to pellets that are over 2 inches long. Constantly cleaning clinkers out of my fire pot. Window gets very dirty and my house is cold. I have a kozy 100 pellet stove and no matter how I adjust it air,feed rate nothing seems to work.And I get no heat out of them and constantly babysitting the stove. NOT HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS OF THIS COMPANY OR THERE PRODUCT

  • Comment Link Mike Monday, 17 March 2014 21:24 posted by Mike

    Bummed. I had mixed experiences with this brand. I bought 1 ton earlier in the year. Good stuff.
    So I went with them again later in the winter. And completely different results. I had clinkers the size of bird nests. Had to babysit the stinking firepot to make sure I kept it cleaned out of clinkers multiple times a day when you're only suppose to have to clear it out once a day. Not buying again. Don't know what happened, but after reading the reviews, looks like the company got lazy somehow.
    Heatilator cab 50

  • Comment Link Ronald Friday, 24 January 2014 03:36 posted by Ronald

    Bought my little baby last year and love it. I used 3 ton of Michigan wood pellets, from the same place. Had no idea of good or bad--pure virgin. This year I bought a different brand and ouch, did I ever learn. Started doing research and soon discovered that by listening to what other people say, from personal experience, I could possibly save myself a lot of mistakes. So as it stands right now I think I am doing good. So thank all of you for your personal knowledge and sharing it.P/S just read lower comments---now ok--anybody--muskegon michigan,who has the best????

  • Comment Link Chuck Bauman Monday, 09 December 2013 14:15 posted by Chuck Bauman

    I have 2 Pellet burners, a Harmon PB-105 and a top of the line Harmon fireplace insert. I have been burning for 5 years now and clean my burners at least once a week. I found Michigan pellets to be very very poor quality. Pro pellets have always been good and this year I tried Kernel Burner pellets. Although they are a proprietary pellet, they are well worth the $185/ton.

  • Comment Link Amy D Thursday, 07 February 2013 16:41 posted by Amy D

    I tend to agree these are the absolute worst pellets. I have a kozi brand pellet stove and was cleaning it constantly. Now that i switched brands we are on day 6 and still no clinkers. When our temps reached 0 degrees we had to run stove on 4 setting and were cleaning the huge clinkers out twice a day. Now we run on 3 setting and no clinkers. What exactly is in these pellets to make them burn so badly?

  • Comment Link Rob V Monday, 10 December 2012 15:04 posted by Rob V

    I purchased a ton of Michigan Wood Pellets (of Holland, Michigan) from a local TSC this fall. They are worst pellets I've used to date. They create such large clinkers in the burn pot that they block the air vents/ash drop holes. I'm forced to vacuum out the burn pot every day or two just to keep the heater working.


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