This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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North American Pellets

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Available at Home Depot and Lowes ,  Produced by Curran Renewable Energy, LLC pellet mill that is located in  Massena NH produce the North American Wood Pellets?  That is what I was told last

they are a hardwood / softwood blend


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! Not sure what to expect

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  • Comment Link Frank %AM, %08 %194 %2017 %03:%Aug posted by Frank

    Total waste of time, Very little output, black carbon build up quickly on glass door. Put it this way, if they were giving tons away free with home delivery, I'd pass.

  • Comment Link Karen %PM, %22 %869 %2016 %19:%Dec posted by Karen

    When I asked at Lowes about the quality of the pellets, they said they had not heard any complaints. So I bought a ton. However, I agree with all the others. The pellets burn quickly (using two bags when I usually use one), the heat is poor, and there is an extraordinary amount of ash.

  • Comment Link Brian %PM, %28 %580 %2016 %12:%Nov posted by Brian

    These are the worst pellets I have ever used ! I purchased 2 tons of these pellets from Lowes andI wish I could return them . After about 10 minutes my stove shuts off . The pellets seems to be very wet . I have had to clean the stove every 3 days . I will never buy this product again !

  • Comment Link Jerry Prpic %PM, %06 %791 %2016 %17:%Oct posted by Jerry Prpic

    Can I use these pellets in a barbecue, I have a Traeger barbecue that operates on pellets.

  • Comment Link Two dollar Bill %AM, %24 %526 %2016 %11:%Jun posted by Two dollar Bill

    Do not buy these pellets!

    You will think there is something wrong with your stove - like I did.

    One big problem is your stove will feed at the proper rate but the fire will struggle to stay alive.
    Eventually the stove will shut down - not getting hot enough to initiate operating temperature feed rate.

    Among other things, the pellets are too long (some up to 1 inch) for my Contour stove.
    Very BAD.

  • Comment Link scott martin %PM, %07 %015 %2016 %23:%Apr posted by scott martin

    These are the absolute worst pellets have have ever purchased, i bought a ton of these at home depot, a total waste of money.
    They through very little heat,get stuck in the auger, and they dirty the window on my stove within 3 hours.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves for selling this product

  • Comment Link Lbrady %PM, %07 %716 %2016 %16:%Apr posted by Lbrady

    Bought a few bags at Lowe's . Clogged the auger on our Enviro stove. Will be throwing out the other bags. ( lost receipt) It's sad that there are companies can make such terrible products.

  • Comment Link Dave newman %AM, %15 %084 %2016 %01:%Mar posted by Dave newman

    The worst pellets I ever bought. Almost half the bag is dust, clogged the stove multiple times.. Disgraceful product!!!

  • Comment Link France Massé %PM, %01 %019 %2016 %23:%Mar posted by France Massé


    I want to say something about your product wood pellets. They REALLY smell bad. Everytime we open a bag to use them, the smell is really strong. I can smell it in the entire house and making me sick. + leave tons of ash. I bought 12 bags and I am disapointed. Never will buy again.

    Upc: 666364500404

  • Comment Link Rob Martin %PM, %28 %589 %2016 %13:%Feb posted by Rob Martin

    These pellets were not very good. Did not throw a lot of heat, and their inconsistent size kept blocking my augers. I will probably never buy these pellets again. They were more trouble than they were worth. A bargain is not a bargain if it doesn't work


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