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North Idaho Energy Logs Pellets

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North Idaho Energy Logs Super Premium Pellets. The clear bag lets you see the quality. Like our Energy Logs, Our Premium Pellets are made entirely of wood by-products from sawmills and have no additives. The high density and low moisture content of our Premium Pellets enables it to pack 8400 BTU's per pound, and creates less than 1/2 of 1% ash.
Starting with only high quality fiber, we make a consistent, high quality wood pellet that customers have been heating their home with for years. We are committed to finding the only the best raw materials and continually finding ways to improve our product.

Super Premium Wood Pellets, Low Moisture, High BTU

Available in 40 lb bags, 50 bags per pallet. Each ton of pellets is shipped with 2 individual pallet covers (2mil inner and 4mil. outer) to offer the most protection from environmental moisture. Be sure to protect your pellets from the environment.


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  • Admin Review: Oct 2014: These were a great pellet all around. Very low ash and very low maintenance in the burnpot along with high heat. I think the Percell Pellets which these folks also make were putting out more BTU's but who know's. That was the "back of the hand" test. Great job and a safe purchase either way.
    Nov: 2017 - And "BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE" Fantastic pellet! insanely hot heat heat! I love these pellets. They are super dense and hard and have a fantastic color. When you open the bag you know you are in for a treat. I wish I could burn these all year long and work out some sort of barter for some simple website advertising for 4 ton a year. these are great pellets and they will keep you warm all year. Keep up the great work my brothers from the other side of the country! let me know if you want to barter some sort of deal for getting these awesome pellets over here to the east coast! ,,,,, or as I like to call it "GROUND ZERO FOR THE HEATING PELLET INDUSTRY!"
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  • Comment Link Cal  Worthington Wednesday, 14 March 2018 17:23 posted by Cal Worthington

    2017-2018 Pellets this year ( Suck) more saw dust in the bags. I now have to clean the stove out more due to the saw dust problem.. I have had half full bags of saw dust ! and pellets.. .. and your not only company that has this problem. At the cost of pellets ,your ripping people off. Where paying for ( Saw dust ) not Pellets.... Clean your act up. Filter it better.......................................Cwby

  • Comment Link Ben Iverson Monday, 26 February 2018 00:18 posted by Ben Iverson

    tried these pellets for the first time this year and it was the first time I seen them here in Lewiston Idaho.
    they are clean and very little if any sawdust particles in the bags !
    I use them to heat my work shop /garage.
    I have a home made pellet furnace I have had for over ten years.
    Your bags are durable also they do not tear easy like other makers do!
    Price is also a great buy for the good quality of these pellets!
    Hope you continue to keep up the good work .
    Am really pleased with the pellets!
    Thank You !

  • Comment Link Robert Saturday, 18 November 2017 03:40 posted by Robert

    @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet pellet..... super hot!

  • Comment Link Luke Friday, 09 January 2015 00:48 posted by Luke

    I burned through two tons during the 13-14 season with no issues, great heat and low ash. I ordered three more tons this season and quality was great through first ton. However the second pallet has really disappointed, pellets have been burning very dirty causing overfilling in the burn pot with covering the unit with black sooty ash. With the first Ton I could go 10 days without needing to clean the unit, lately it has been 3-4 days to keep the unit going. There has been much variability in the size of the pellets causing me to continually adjust the feed rate. Very disappointed at the inconsistency this year.


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