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Northern Warmth Douglas Fir

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Northern Warmth Douglas Fir Super Premium Wood Pellets Burn hotter, burn longer, burn cleaner! Northern Warmth Douglas Fir has set the standard for super premium fuel pellets. These pellets consist of clean 100% Natural West Coast Softwood Douglas Fir. These woods burn hotter and cleaner than other wood types.

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  • Admin Review: Aug 2017 -maybe one of the best this year. I have not burned them but I have high hopes

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  • Comment Link James %PM, %08 %827 %2017 %18:%May posted by James

    I wasn't the only one duped by this bogus claim that Northern Warmth was the same as Okanagan. What a scam. Someone should file a class action lawsuit against this Northern Warmth company and drive it out of business. I will not do business any ANYONE who is perpetrating this Northern Warmth fraud!!

  • Comment Link Amos %PM, %19 %946 %2017 %21:%Mar posted by Amos

    Like everyone else this year, I was told by my supplier the Okanagan company was closing down and Northern Warmth was not only taking over but also producing the exact same product. Like them, nobody knew what they'd get except that the manufacturer said it would be the same. I bought one tons, per my normal, for the year and have been completely disappointed with the outcome. Compared to Okanagan, the Northern Warmth Doug Fir produced 3-4x more ash and only half the heat. After the first month I started looking for another brand immediately and while I haven't found one I like yet, I will not be using what I have left of the Northern Warmth nor will I buy it next year. If anyone has any suggestions for something even CLOSE to the original Okanagan, I'd love to know.

  • Comment Link Templtuky %AM, %19 %469 %2017 %10:%Mar posted by Templtuky

    Northern warmth Douglas firs are not worth the money ! They say they are okie Douglas fir absolutely not ! I've burned Douglas firs for 5 plus yrs and these are the worst the two best Douglas fir pellets manufacturers both went under okies and blazers

  • Comment Link Larry %PM, %06 %928 %2017 %21:%Mar posted by Larry

    The northern warmth pellets are no where near as good as the Oakanagan. Oakies were fantastic. These NW have an awfull lot of clinkers. I think last year burning four tons of oakies i only vaccummed by stove five times, cant say the same for the new named northern warmth

  • Comment Link Bryan %PM, %02 %013 %2017 %23:%Feb posted by Bryan

    In the winter of 2015-2016 I burned Douglas fir Okanagan pellets. I really liked them. Now, in August of 2016 I bought three tons of (expensive) Northern Warmth Douglas fir pellets which I was told was an exact replica of last year's Douglas fir Okanagan pellets.

    This did not turn out to be true. The 2016 Northern Warmth pellets we're not as warm and they also produced much much more ash than the Okanagan Douglas fir pellets that they replaced.

    I don't blame the dealer as they only had the information that was available to them. However next year I will not be buying Northerm Warmth pellets.

  • Comment Link Tim %PM, %08 %874 %2017 %19:%Jan posted by Tim

    I fell in love with Okanagan Douglas Fir pellets last year after splurging on price and buying a ton. Unmatched heat and barely any ash. For the 2016/2017 heating season, I went out of may way to buy these for four of my five tons of pellets I burn. As others have mentioned, I was told by my local dealer that Northern Warmth were the same thing, merely the vendor had changed the name from Okanagan. That said, I spent premium and purchased.

    Well, I can surely say these don't compare to what was supposedly the same pellet last year. The heat is noticeably less and definitely more ash. I still had 10 bags of last years left and have burned them on extremely cold days ...what a difference between last year's Okanagan and this year's Northern Warmth. This isn't the first time I have found a pellet I loved and then a year or two later the manufacturer made some sort of a change and the quality dropped (seeing the same thing with Vermont Wood Pellets). So disappointing when this happens. If I had paid box store prices for these, I'd felt I got what I paid for. Having paid just under $400 a ton, I feel ripped off by the manufacturer. Maybe others who have burned both previous year's Okanagan and this year's Northern Warmth Douglas Fir aren't experiencing the same downgrade ...but I surely I would just assume by a cheaper pellet next year that will give me the same quality and put the money I saved into my oil tank.

  • Comment Link Mark Kuntz %PM, %05 %822 %2017 %18:%Jan posted by Mark Kuntz

    We have a p68 Harmon and purchased the Northern Warmth Douglass For Pellets. I do not think these pellets are good as they have a lot of ash and clinkers compared to the Okinagan we burned last year. I will not buy any more of these .

  • Comment Link Bern %AM, %04 %146 %2017 %02:%Jan posted by Bern

    Loved oakies. Burned over 60 bags and still didn't need to clean stove. Was told same pellet but new name. Northern warmth can't even make 20 bags before cleaning. Very disappointed

  • Comment Link Keith %AM, %03 %187 %2016 %03:%Dec posted by Keith

    Last year I drove 2.5 hours each way to buy Okanagan and tow them home. Made 3 trips but I love those Okies and even my wife noticed the difference and felt the trips were worth it. I'll be looking forward to your report and may have to do some more road trips. I think I read somewhere that Northern Warmth was Okanagan's new name.
    I am also burning Spruce this year but feel La Crete, the next best thing to Okies burn hotter than Spruce. It's close though.

  • Comment Link Marty %PM, %28 %901 %2016 %20:%Sep posted by Marty

    First year with these pellets. Definitely fir. We shall see how they hold up. 2 tons of these, 2 ton of Northern Wood, 1/2 ton of Dry Creek. I will update when season begins


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