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Northern Warmth Super Spruce

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Northern Warmth Super Spruce pellets are 100% Natural West Coast Softwood with no additives, and made in British Columbia. 8300 btu’s per pound. Ash is .40%.

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  • Comment Link Raquel %PM, %15 %838 %2017 %19:%Aug posted by Raquel

    You can check with Okanagan to find the closest dealer:

  • Comment Link Angela %PM, %01 %811 %2017 %18:%Aug posted by Angela

    Northern Warmth is in no way close to the quality of Okanagan. My distributor was told by the new manufacturer that they were the same blend as Okanagan. This was not true. They were terrible. We cleaned ash almost daily. Okanagan Douglas Fir were the best pellets we ever used. What a shame we cannot get them anymore. Not sure what we will chose for this burning season.

  • Comment Link Raquel %PM, %09 %826 %2017 %18:%Jun posted by Raquel

    According to

    Northern Warmth has nothing to do with Okanagan Wood Pellets and the brands are not related in any way.

  • Comment Link Kevin %AM, %06 %252 %2017 %05:%Apr posted by Kevin

    I have the same complaint as the other three reviewers. I was told by my dealer that these were the same as the Okanagens I had burned for the last 6 years. These burn poorly with low heat. The black ash gums up in my clink pot and I have to keep adjusting the air flow to keep the stove burning. At the start of the winter I had about 3/4 ton of Okanagens left from last year and I used them on the coldest days because its the only way that I could be confident that the stove wouldn't go out. Unfortunately I will be left with about 1/2 ton of this crap at the end of this year. I'll probably just toss them in the woods

  • Comment Link Ken Wadecki %PM, %26 %733 %2017 %16:%Feb posted by Ken Wadecki

    I bought 2 tons of Turman and 1 ton of Northern Warmth. The Turman Burned nice with low ash. I can't say anything nice about the Northern warmth. Low heat output but worst yet black ash. Never had this happen with any of the cheaper brands. I predict you will not see Northern Warmth next season. Probably change the packaging just to dump them.

  • Comment Link Dawn %PM, %23 %822 %2016 %18:%Nov posted by Dawn

    Stove - Harman XXV Anniversary Model - Same issue as other person has with the Northern Warmth Spruce. We were told they replaced the Okanagan Platinums we always burned......they turn the glass black right away and have more ash. Not happy about this.

  • Comment Link Jim %PM, %11 %631 %2016 %14:%Nov posted by Jim

    Went looking for Okanagan this fall and my local dealer told me that it was bought by Northern Warmth, but it's the exact same pellets. What a load of crap. These pellets have way more ash, and they turn my glass black almost instantly. Nothing like the okies I was used to last year. Very disappointed.


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