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Okanagan Wood Pellets

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Okanagan Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Okanagan and Westwood Super Premium pellets are made from 100% softwood sawdust. There are no additives, bark or other possible contaminants. Okanagan's meet the Super Premium standard of the Pellet Fuel Institute.

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  • Comment Link Pat OConnor Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:49 posted by Pat OConnor

    How long does one bag of Okanagan Douglas Fir last in comparison to one bag of Orford Premier Super Premium Hardwood Pellet?

  • Comment Link Jsr Thursday, 23 January 2014 02:24 posted by Jsr

    I use a pb150 Pinnacle Pellet Boiler - and this is the best pellet I have ever used. It burns long enough so I can run my unit on 16 minute cycles to burn less pellets. It also burns hot enough so that I am usually in the pilot cycle very quickly...and such a clean ash as well.

    They are expense pellets...but...you get what you pay for and certainly less repairs with fan failure caused by thick ash.

  • Comment Link jon Thursday, 08 August 2013 16:28 posted by jon

    I have a Heatilator Cab50 stove and use it to heat my entire house. Used these pellets last year and liked them a lot. Great heat. Low ash. Last year was my first with a stove and I started off with some hardwood pellets that I did not like. I would buy these again but am thinking of trying Cleanfire Pacific or Curran Softwood this year.

  • Comment Link Timmer Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:37 posted by Timmer

    2004 Accentra Insert: compared to the previous heating season, was disappointed with the amount of fines, ash content and soot. We burn around 4 ton/season. I agree with other commenters that the bag isn't the only thing that changed. I've decided to spend an extra $10/ton and try the Turman brand for the upcoming season.

  • Comment Link J.Laflash Thursday, 07 February 2013 01:39 posted by J.Laflash

    I have a Harman accentra and I purchased a ton and a third of okanagen pellets last year .The pellets were purchased the week of Christmas i used 2 bags of the pellets .Came home on Christmas day and the stove was out with pellets in the hopper.Shut stove off and restarted stove would not feed pellets into burn pot.I spent close to 4 hours takin stove apart removed auger from stove and found rocks in the auger compartment.Auger was jammed from the rocks in the pellet bag .The next business day I brought empty pellet bag and the rocks from my stove to Royal Fireside and asked if there was a extra charge for the rocks .They looked at me like I was from another planet said they were goin to contact the company.I think im all set with Okanagan Pellets...

  • Comment Link Kim Tuesday, 29 January 2013 22:32 posted by Kim

    This is in follow up to my previous post back on Dec. 24th. Once again, I'm very happy with these pellets. After some adjusting of the feed for during start up and then burn, these pellets seems to be running great. My feed time is slightly less than last year, not sure if they're as hot but close. And with the less feed time, probably evens out in performance.

  • Comment Link Kim Monday, 24 December 2012 15:22 posted by Kim

    I entered a comment back on Oct 3rd based on my experience from last year - that these were the best pellets I've burned. As another commented, this years pellets are different - different bag, and different color. My supplier said they were now packaged in MA, not Canada. I still had several bags from last year and I've noticed a definite difference. This years do not seem to burn as clean. I'm disappointed and my send Okanagen an email.

  • Comment Link map Thursday, 20 December 2012 18:55 posted by map

    Just bought 2 ton of Okanagan pellets. They look different than last years which came in a black/clear bag. Bag is now gray/clear and my dealer called them okanagan II? Pellets are not as blonde as they used to be so the formula has changed. Hoping they are good, we'll see.

  • Comment Link sarah Sunday, 28 October 2012 20:45 posted by sarah

    I am not sure if we ended up with a bad batch, but the ash content is the worst I've gotten from a pellet yet!! I just cleaned my stove and these are the first pellets in the stove of the season. I am so glad I decided to try a weeks worth of bags before buying a ton. Straight out of the bag is a lot of dust to begin with, no wonder a lot of ash. Also, the pellets have burned quicker than any other pellet I've tried. I have tried about half a dozen different brands, not a lot, but this is one of the higher rated brands. From the other reviews I am thinking I must have gotten a bad batch, but I will not be purchasing these again.

  • Comment Link Michael Saturday, 13 October 2012 18:15 posted by Michael

    Burned 10 bags of these Okanagan Pellets last year after hearing everyone go on and on about how great they are. People swore they were worth the fat price increase over other pellets. First I would like to say I saw little to no difference between these and the brand I bought at home Depot which were $2.50 less per bag. Yes the Home Depot bag had a small increase in ash but nothing to point a finger at. The Okanagan Pellet burned much faster and I didn't feel that much of a difference in the heat it threw off. In my humble opinion it really didn't seem any different other then the Home Depot Brand gave off a little more ash and burned slower. Besides these issues when I did burn Okanagan Pellets they stunk my house up like wet dogs. Even when they were not burning and sat in the hopper they gave off a horrible smell. My wife nearly tossed me out of the house with my pellet stove. Here Okanagan Pellets sell at 369.00 389.00 a Ton again in my humble opinion you'd be a fool not too just go to home Depot and Buy Green Supreme at $209.00 a ton which burns just as good with a tad more ash. Savings Savings Savings

  • Comment Link KIm Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:44 posted by KIm

    Extremely happy with these. I'm on my 10th season with an Breckwell insert pellet stove which is small. I've tried probably 6-8 different brands. While the Super Premium pellets are more expensive, it is worth the money. I'm also able to burn these at a lower setting than many of the others I've used in the past. The only ones I've used that I think equal to these would be the Hamer's Super Premiums which I can't find around here.

  • Comment Link Bill Cardelli Saturday, 17 March 2012 16:24 posted by Bill Cardelli

    First season burning Okan. Found them to be very small with lots of dust Dealer said he got a bad load from them so I waited to pick up my next ton, they seem to be the same though. Burned New England hardwood the last 2 years and am going to go back to them, they are cheaper and not as dusty. My stove is a Harman XXV 2008 great stove, house is 1900 sq. ft. with electric back up that has not been turned on since 1986. Stove is compleatly cleaned every 3weeks and just replaced the ignighter Mar 2012.

  • Comment Link Debbie Ruiz Sunday, 11 March 2012 01:31 posted by Debbie Ruiz

    This is our second year with Okanagan Wood Pellets with awesome heat and so little ash. One trick I found is when first running the stove run it a little higher for a short period of time the stove runs better hot and then bring it down to a comfortable temperature. We bought a Davenport pellet stove by Hudson Works in Vermont and extremely pleased with the heat it provides. The pellets are chemical free and the exhaust is barely noticeable outside. We have maybe a 1 lb. coffee can worth of ash every 3 to 4 weeks. The bags are recyclable and we burn the skid for our summer fires. NO WASTE. An enormous truly green product. The cost savings and being warm in every corner of the house is wonderful. We burn 3 tons a year in New England.

  • Comment Link Joe Provencher Thursday, 02 February 2012 03:57 posted by Joe Provencher

    Burned these all last year. Great pellet if you can find it. Couldn't get them local this year. Excellent heat, very low ash and clean. Small, consistent pellet size. Strongly recommended! Used in Harman Accentra

  • Comment Link Joe Provencher Thursday, 02 February 2012 03:57 posted by Joe Provencher

    Burned these all last year. Great pellet if you can find it. Couldn't get them local this year. Excellent heat, very low ash and clean. Small, consistent pellet size. Strongly recommended! Used in Harman Accentra

  • Comment Link Cheryl McGee Thursday, 19 January 2012 03:27 posted by Cheryl McGee

    I have a Quadra Fire Santa Fe stove and have burned many different brands of pellets. I bought Okanagan pellets for the first time at the end of last years season and have been burning the since. I have never had a pellet that has had so much fly ash and in the 6 years of burning pellets in my Quadra fire. This brand has been so dirty burning I have has to clean the stack at least once a month and many times sooner. The inside of the stove is cleaned at least twice weekly. I have never had to clean the ash pan so often. I will not buy this brand again after this supply is used up.

  • Comment Link Steve Thursday, 08 December 2011 16:00 posted by Steve

    I bought some of these last year and really enjoyed them. This year the company says they are not shipping them to Ontario from B.C. due to the high price of freight.

  • Comment Link Bill Friday, 18 November 2011 17:12 posted by Bill

    okies wood pellets, last year i tried 15 bags of them and loved them, so i purchased 3.9 tons this year, and ihave found lots of fines in them and holes in the bags, i have no idea if this is how they were stored, with pallets on top of pallets that caused this problem, i was just curious if any one else has this problem too.i think that next year iam going to try some different ones, or att he end of this season as i will have to purchase more, I clean my insert every 4 days or less if needed. i burn a Quadra fire 1200 insert and love it.I also had a problem with the pellets bing so shot and having sharp ends on them the pellets got hung up and did not slide down the hopper to the feed box so i had about 1/4 bag hang up . kind of makes one think, what is wrong.

  • Comment Link Bill Friday, 20 May 2011 15:16 posted by Bill

    I have a Quadra-Fire 1200 insert, i love it , i burned hammer hot ones this last heating season,they were dusty with a lot of fines in it,and a whole lot of ash glass got dirty . i ran out and then i bought 15 bags of okanagan pellets and tried them. Let me tell you some thing hardley and fines at all, burned super clean and very hot, these are what iam going to get this coming heating season. 5 tons worth. the glass satyed ssuper clean and not a lot of ashes,
    i live in north west ct, it ws a cld snowy winter

  • Comment Link Russ Sunday, 15 May 2011 19:43 posted by Russ

    I own a Mt Vernon AE Quadra-fire Insert and the Okanagan's Super Premium soft wood pellets burned great and left very little ash. I have burned a total of 5 tons heating a 3,000 Sq Ft home in CT. 2 tons of Hamer Hot Ones and 3 tons of Okies during the 2010 - 2011 season and will look for the Okies this season even at a higher cost. They burn hotter and i find the softwood burns longer.

    The Okie's burn hotter and make the weekly cleanings less time consuming. I can wipe the glass soot clean with a wet paper towel! The ash is white and less corrosive to the burn pot.

  • Comment Link Garry Saturday, 14 May 2011 19:37 posted by Garry

    After 1st season of heating, I have done a recent test to include a 3 bag burn, clean & vacuum w/ notes on 5 brands
    Okanagan Pellet Co. rated high on my scale, burned dry with low tar/oil residue left on glass. Good heat but a little high on ash but being dry was the savings on cleaning

  • Comment Link Peter Marsh Wednesday, 04 May 2011 20:19 posted by Peter Marsh

    I contemplated buying Okanagan pellets for my pellet stove in northern Vermont. However, I found that they had a lower BTU rating that similar pellets from a Vermont company at comparable cost and I couldn't justify purchasing a product that had to be transported across the continent.

  • Comment Link Martin Tuesday, 22 February 2011 05:56 posted by Martin

    I'm a new pellet stove owner this is my first year. The Okanagan pellets were my first ones. I've tried a few bags of other popular brands and I have to say that I really can't tell a big difference. I've noticed that the okanagan's are much lighter in color and shorter in length. I'll probably buy another pallet next year.

  • Comment Link Kerry Wednesday, 16 February 2011 18:38 posted by Kerry

    RE: Okanagan Wood Pellets

    Excellent product.

    We're in Western MA and this is our second year with a pellet stove, a Breckwell Classic.

    Last year we used two types of pellets, Spruce & Eco-Flame and they worked out okay; probrobly liked the Spruce a bit better.

    This year niether of those brands were availible so we chose the Okanagan. The first thing I noticed upon emptying a bag into the stove was how little dust there was, so much less than we had experienced before. The pellets burned nice with few clinkers left in the pot.

    The one serious downsound we had with these pellets was that one of the two pallets had not been properly weatherized and we opened it found that we had 10 bags with water damge

    Finances being what they were we only bought two of our usual 3 pallets, waiting to see what the winter would be like before we bought a third.

    Needing a 3rd pallet I was disapointed to find that they had sold out so I tried a pallet of one called BURN, Manufactured by American Alternative Fuel Company in Waltham MA.

    These pellets are a mix of hard and softwood. I am about 6 bags into the pallet and I am pretty sure already that I wont be getting them again next year.

    Imagine trying to stir the pot and finding instead of ash a hunk of what appears to be blackened cinder block...every day.

    Even upping the air flow does not seem to help burn the stuff cleanly. Maybe it is normal with this type of pellet but it is not something I want to deal with again.

    Have a Magical Day!


  • Comment Link J Smith Monday, 17 January 2011 02:46 posted by J Smith

    amazing heat, very few fines, very low ash, lots of soot while igniting, made the clinker of the century in my stove, Lopi Pioneer Bay

  • Comment Link B&H Monday, 01 November 2010 00:41 posted by B&H

    We are new to the Pellet Stove world. Buying a home with pellet as our primary heat sourse was trying to say the least as we purchased the home last December in N.H. We tryed all brands and found OAKANAGAN about mid January 2010. The temp in our home raised 10 degrees over any other pellet. Go to DODGES AGWAY IN HAMPTON FALLS, NH AND ASK FOR KEITH, he is the owner, he HAS OAKANAGAN and they deliver for a fraction of the cost of Home and Hearth in Hampton Falls as well.

  • Comment Link Jeff Sunday, 16 May 2010 18:19 posted by Jeff

    This past winter is the first time I burned Okanagan wood pellets. I notice the difference by the third bag.I have an Envio Empress stove and it heats a 1500 sqft Cape in New England. I have tried the ones at HomeDepot and Lowes when there was a shortages of pellets. I went through 3 tons of pellets last season. A great wood pellet!

  • Comment Link Rob Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:37 posted by Rob

    Hey pellet hunter, Admin here. I have done the same with the LG's. If you can get your hand on Blazer Wood Pellets ( wow pellet company ), those are right up there if not even hotter than the OK's and burn like you read about. I found them at Home Depot 1 time but found them at Robin's down in MA. They are the only ones that took delivery from them out here on the east coast. Like the OK's they are from the west coast and I must say that the west coast softwood pellets put all of the East Coast pellets to shame with quality of burn and temp. The West Coast Douglas fir pellets are great!


  • Comment Link pellet hunter Tuesday, 30 March 2010 00:26 posted by pellet hunter

    I use a harmon p43 stove. direct vent /w fresh air intake. (i like it very much no problems)

  • Comment Link Steve Thursday, 04 February 2010 21:35 posted by Steve

    One of the Best Pellets we have burned. This winter Okies would be the #1 pellet.

  • Comment Link Admin Thursday, 21 January 2010 04:22 posted by Admin

    I heard the same about these pellets. I have not been able to try them out. what type of stove...


  • Comment Link the pellet hunter Thursday, 21 January 2010 02:29 posted by the pellet hunter

    these are the best pellets i used to date. they burn very hot and clean with a large bright flame. My stove would have trouble heating my entire home when the temperature dipped below 20 degrees outside - but since i been using these pellets i can keep my home at a vry comfortable temp. even in the single digits. -I perform a gd. weekly cleaning of my stove then fire it up with a new test bag of different brand pellets. ea. week. (Give it a couple hrs.) Then I use a infrared heat gun to measure the heat output on my stove -(okies are the hottest)- I now mix them with various other brands and it helps them burn much better and hotter so i could use up the ones that arent so great till this cold weather breaks.

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