This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Pennington Pellet Fuel

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Pennington Wood Pellets are a clean-burning PREMIUM wood pellet with less than 1% ash produced. And because wood pellet stoves burn efficiently, there is almost complete combustion of the fuel, creating minimal smoke & air emissions.

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  • Comment Link Derek %PM, %24 %654 %2017 %14:%Feb posted by Derek

    Burning pellets for just two years. My review needs to state their is a difference if the pellets are kept sheltered or unsheltered. If you have torn bags, wet bags, lots of sawdust your pellets are not going to produce good results- they've been damaged/wet (usually in transport or storage).
    I had good results with my Pennington purchase at Sams club. They were brought out to me from inside storage. Following are my test results:
    From a cleaned Englander stove
    10 min to ignition setting 2-3 (2 feed, 3 blower) outside temp 52 deg. F
    17 min fan start 2,3 250 deg F. using an inferred temp sensor 3" from blower vent
    20 min full burn pot ignition 275 Deg
    30 min 150 deg
    45 min 200 deg

    200 deg seems to be where it averaged on low setting 2,3

    After burning all night and over 16+ hours i had very little ash in burn pot - although the rest of the stove had the rest of the ash. Absolutely NO clinkers.

    Overall satisfaction Satisfied
    Similar results with another Maine brand pellet Northeast

  • Comment Link Jerry %PM, %05 %796 %2016 %18:%Apr posted by Jerry

    I normally buy Lowe's or Home Depot pellets but they were never consistently good or bad, particularly Home Depot pellets. So I thought I would try Pennington Nature's heat pellets. Mistake, they are very dusty, smelly, and produce tons more ash than the pellets I had been buying from the other sources. I will not try them again.

  • Comment Link RS Arnold %PM, %18 %734 %2015 %16:%Dec posted by RS Arnold

    Found these at Walmart last season and ended up using them with a dozen left over to get me into the Fall '15 burn season. Found to be an excellent pellet. The Plymouth, MA store did not get a fresh load in until late November. BIG difference, can only describe as the worst pellets I have ever used in my Thelin Tiburon stove. Frequently find the burn chamber with a solid chunk of cinder the size of a hamburger.

  • Comment Link Valerie shafer %AM, %18 %066 %2015 %00:%Dec posted by Valerie shafer

    Buyer beware. I'm a 70 year old woman ; which just purchased your pellets, I had to pay the neighbor boy to unload for me!! Now I have 5 bags of 1/3 full of this very poor grade of pellets... The bags are more sawdust than pellets.... So bad I will no way put it in my stove...I will never buy this brand again I have bags that I have no idea what to do with .... Think I should be reinburst...... Very unhappy!!!!

  • Comment Link Karol Meoli %PM, %08 %909 %2015 %20:%Dec posted by Karol Meoli

    Holy Mother of God, what have they done to the pellets???? I've been a customer over 20 years and the TON I just purchased is awful! I don't want to have to dust the house every time I load the stove. There is an obvious difference in what I bought earlier in the season and what I just bought last Saturday. Even the bag has different ink quality.

    It's gonna be a looooong winter.

  • Comment Link Micah %PM, %23 %798 %2015 %18:%Nov posted by Micah

    Has anybody had a chance to compare Pennington pellets with Country Boy pellets? We've used Country Boy because they were left at the house we bought, but now we need to buy and NOBODY sells Country boy in the state... Would appreciate any advice!

  • Comment Link Bob Wilkins %PM, %02 %605 %2015 %13:%Feb posted by Bob Wilkins

    Best pelltets and the ones with soy oil are really HOT

  • Comment Link Bryan Miller %PM, %27 %980 %2015 %22:%Jan posted by Bryan Miller

    We have a Harman P68 pellet stove. These pellets only have half the heat and more than twice the ash of the others we have used.

  • Comment Link Russ %PM, %25 %703 %2015 %15:%Jan posted by Russ

    Breckwell 2700 .
    I,ve had this pellet stove for 14 years and next to no problems with the stove over the years.
    Open floor plan and heats entire 1500 + sq/ft with no problem.
    I've tried various pellets thru out the years and can not always get the same brand. Use 2.5 - 3 ton a winter.
    Bought 1 ton to try from walmart, avertised as Pennington Natures Heat all hardwood.
    Did not notice that the bag had stated mixed hard & soft woood blend. Not a problem.
    I did have to adjust draft (burned way to fast at a higher draft) and run at a higher setting (feed rate) and still did not get the BTU I was use to.
    They did burn clean without a lot of fines.

  • Comment Link Dave %AM, %31 %067 %2014 %00:%Jan posted by Dave

    Best pellets I have burned yet... Really good heat and next to no ash. Worth picking up


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