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Platinum Pellets

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Produced by Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products Banderhoof, BC

Vanderhoof Specialty Wood Products is proud to introduce Platinum Pellets; a premium grade wood pellet fuel. Produced from clean, bark free wood fiber, Platinum Pellets are:

  • A renewable resource
  • 100% natural with no additives.
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely low ash
  • High B.T.U. value
  • In compliance with industry standards
  • Carbon neutral fuel

Platinum Pellets are available in:

  • Spruce-Pine-Fir mix (Heavy to Pine)
  • Standard 40 pound bags or the larger bulk bags
  • 50 or 75 bags per pallet. Covered and shrink wrapped for protection in transit.

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  • Comment Link Ken Saturday, 24 December 2016 04:42 posted by Ken

    Quadra-fire stove. These pellets burn great and give off a lot of heat with very little ash in my stove. I have used these all of last heating season with great results. However this year I am some what disappointed as I have noticed a great deal of saw dust in many of my bags and so far I have burnt about 50 bags this season and 5 of the bags had big clumps of saw dust. Not real happy as it can plug up my auger if I don't get all the clumps out when filling the stove which is next to impossible! Now I check each bag carefully before refilling and if I suspect clumps or a lot of saw dust I try my best to screen it out. My pellets are always stored in my very dry shed. I know for a fact I purchased them this way.

  • Comment Link Ron Saturday, 12 November 2016 23:35 posted by Ron

    Hello im moving into a place with a pellet stove and i noticed some of you bags being used were are you located is there anyone neatr williams lake that sells your product by the pallet and useually how much does a pallet cost. Thanks.

  • Comment Link Austin Donahue Sunday, 20 December 2015 02:05 posted by Austin Donahue

    Best pellet I have ever used !! burns hot with little ash build up in my Harman 25th anniversary stove ..

  • Comment Link Dave Moore Saturday, 31 January 2015 05:12 posted by Dave Moore

    We used them be in our Lenox Bella stove and they out perform anything else we've burnt .
    Lacrete was not even close to the heat output ,very little ash wish I could get more .
    I made a mistake and only bought one pallet of platinum because I didn't no anything about them and one pallet of lacrete which is a waste as I have to burn them at a higher rate to produce ant heat..

  • Comment Link Robert Tuesday, 27 January 2015 06:45 posted by Robert

    The best pellets for my stove period!

  • Comment Link stephenie Monday, 05 January 2015 03:08 posted by stephenie

    the company that I bought them from said they were great, they leave a lot of ash and most of the bags weren't sealed properly so we lost quite a few from them either spelling or moisture in the air. I will never buy these again.

  • Comment Link Jim Thursday, 04 December 2014 11:09 posted by Jim

    Ive burnt about a ton of these now. I find that theres a lot of ash. My dealer told me they were the same as LaCrete. In my opinion there not even close. 1 more ton to go. Never again