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Spruce Pointe Wood Pellets

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Premium Softwood Pellet from Alberta Canada.  These pellets are almost identical to the Cleanfire wood pellets which I like so much.  These pellets are very light in color and have that great softwood smell.

  • 100% natural, NO ADDITIVES
  • Energy value of 8700 BTU's/lb
  • Ash content of .39%
  • Moisture content of 4.86%

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  • Comment Link Rick %PM, %15 %651 %2016 %14:%Apr posted by Rick

    Extremely disappointed in these this year...I buy by the ton and have them delivered. I had to return numerous bags to the dealer this year as they had split inside the pallet wrapping. The remainder of the bags have created a deep, heavy creosote buildup on my Kozi 100 stove. I have had this stove for 13 years, thoroughly cleaned every year, and this year it is just plugged. Switched to a different brand and cleaned out all the creosote and the stove is good. Switch back and I get creosote again. Almost like they added glue or something this year as a binder or something.

  • Comment Link Dave %PM, %15 %649 %2016 %14:%Jan posted by Dave

    Best Pellets I have found in the 9 years I have been using my Pellet Stove .. yes there is some saw dust in the odd bag but still the cleanest Pellets I have found ... There is very little ash produced while burning and I only have to clean stove every 3 days ... I just wish I could find a dealer in my a tea ... TSC has them about 50% of the time ... But the kind they have the other 50% of the time suck large ... So like I said wish I could find a dealer that has them 100% of the time ..

  • Comment Link Phil %PM, %16 %564 %2015 %12:%Nov posted by Phil

    I was lead to believe these pellets were a premium pellet by the dealer who sold me my stove. They burn very dirty for me and I have a brand new Avalon AGP insert. Lots of fines and dust. Need to clean the stove out every other day or so as opposed to what the dealer said should be about once per week. I've also got some rather nasty dark stains on the glass front that I cannot clean off. Spent 20 mins. yesterday trying to remove it, but could not get it cleaned 100%. It's only November so I really haven't tested the stove to see if the stove/pellet combination will produce the kind of heat that I'm looking for. So far...not so good. A rip-off for 290/ton.

  • Comment Link t %AM, %12 %053 %2015 %00:%Jul posted by t

    These pellets burned really well for me…hot, more say than douglas fir but price was right, not a lot of carbon build-up…not cheap, but really worth the cost. If I were only going to heat w/ one pellet, given the 5 brands I've tried , this would probably be it.

  • Comment Link Vicki %AM, %29 %304 %2015 %06:%Mar posted by Vicki

    I have tried numerous pellets and these are the best by far !!!! Very clean burning!!!!! Five stars hands down!!!!

  • Comment Link Bill %AM, %29 %372 %2014 %07:%Dec posted by Bill

    No problems with these pellets...consistant burn very little ash... Very little dust and nice short length....auger stays free and clean...using a kozi baywins

  • Comment Link Betsy %AM, %31 %115 %2013 %01:%Dec posted by Betsy

    I was so disappointed with these pellets this year. I purchased a ton from RB Negus lumber. I have burned these pellets 3 years in a row with great results. I don't know if it is this batch, how it was delivered to us or how it was delivered to the lumberyard. The first bag was like pouring saw dust into the stove. We called the lumber yard and they said no one else complained. It burns very dirty, the stove gets coated with ash and the glass is opaque after one bag. We have a Harmon Accentra insert.

  • Comment Link matthew osborne %PM, %13 %589 %2013 %13:%Jan posted by matthew osborne

    been burning these for two years in a two year old quadrafire castile insert. few if any clinkers when i clean 1 once per week. brush out mid week if burning alot.

    i also set the feed rate to be slightly lower than standard as i think the burn is better. just cleaned the SS flue (after burning 2 tons) not much ash there and easily vacuumed it up. it seems that the majority of the ash (90%) stays in the main burn area with smaller amounts at the 1st pass of the air to air HX

  • Comment Link Debbie Aitola %PM, %26 %025 %2012 %23:%Dec posted by Debbie Aitola

    I have a 7yr old Quadrafire Castille Insert.This pellet burns clean and hot But leaves large clinkers;you must empty the pot daily. Still I would prefer clinkers than a dirty burn.Dec. 2012

  • Comment Link Johnny %AM, %26 %506 %2012 %11:%May posted by Johnny

    Very nice pellet. I've burned Lg, Mcfeeters, Okies, and Vermonts and the Spruces are my pick of the litter. Very low ash and great heat.


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