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Starlite Wood Pellets

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Starlite Wood Pellets

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  • Comment Link Walt %PM, %01 %736 %2015 %16:%Jan posted by Walt

    I concur with the previous post about the unbelievably high ash content of these pellets. Last winter with another brand I only had to empty my small shop vac once a month with collected ash. This winter with Starlite I have to empy it every week. Apparently there is a lot of bark incorporated into these pellets.

  • Comment Link Bruce Bunch %PM, %21 %674 %2014 %15:%Feb posted by Bruce Bunch

    Bought my pellet stove when tsc was quality farm and fleet. Have used multiple brands over the years. Starlite brand burns poorly. Lotts of ash and unburned pellets. Not happy, but learned a lesson. New brand, try a couple bags before buying a ton.

  • Comment Link David %PM, %17 %007 %2014 %23:%Jan posted by David

    I am new to the pellet stove universe, but noticed that different brands product different results. I have tried American Wood Fibers, Ligenetics, Hammer Hot Ones, and Somerset, and Starlight. I will never go back to Starlight. They were being sold at the local TSC for $4.29 per bag. After 20 bags, I will never go back. I have told my local TSC that as long as they carry the Starlight brand, I will not buy them. We drove an hour away today just to try a new brand(Greene Gold). The ash content was astronomical for the Starlight. I had to clean out my stove every other bag because of all the ash buildup. The heat was very average, but again the ash was crazy. I almost took a picture of it, but wanted it gone so bad that I didn't.