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Still River Wood Pellets

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thank you Chris for the pics....

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  • Admin Review: thank you Chris for the pics....

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  • Comment Link Still Never Saturday, 25 March 2017 16:08 posted by Still Never

    Low heat, high ash, and black glass . I wouldn't take them if they were giving them away.

  • Comment Link Nancy Sunday, 05 March 2017 21:00 posted by Nancy

    We have a Harmon Centra free standing pellet stove, we put a bag of Still River pellets in last night. Temp. Was 10 degrees, we had to turn the feed rate all way up just to get the same amount of heat. We normally use New England Wood Pellets and unless its extremely cold we usually go through a bag in 24-30 hrs. The Still River lasted maybe 18 hrs. So glad that we only bought 5 bags, we thought we would try them, we bought them at Walmarts in Amherst, NH. Will not buy these again.

  • Comment Link Michele Friday, 03 March 2017 00:15 posted by Michele

    I love a stone's throw from where they make these and was excited to try them although not happy they don't sell direct. I was a little Leary since the place they are made also makes wood pallets so I was wondering if that is where the pellets came from...ground up junk pallets? Anyway...I bought 4 bags at Lowe's to try. I have 2 stoves. Both are Englanders. These pellets are HORRIBLE. Both burn pots clog up with lava flow within an hour and the glass is completely black even after a full clean of the stove and exhaust pipe. Lazy flame too. The heat output is ok but it's not worth all the cleaning I am now going to have to do. Too bad because I can see 50 billion tons from my living room almost....

  • Comment Link Chip guercio Monday, 30 January 2017 02:18 posted by Chip guercio

    This years offering seems to burn poorly. Lots of soot, and lazy flames. Last years pellets were awsome. No so much this year. Harman xxv.

  • Comment Link Adam cole Saturday, 28 January 2017 03:23 posted by Adam cole

    In the 11 years using a pellet stove these are the worst pellets ever burned. So many fines in the bag! And they turn everything black, even after a complete cleaning.

  • Comment Link David Lucas Tuesday, 10 January 2017 11:41 posted by David Lucas

    I have a Freestanding 25-EP made by England's Stove Works. This is my third winter using it, I haven't had any problems with the stove and it works great. This year I bought 2 tons of Still River wood pellets. I have noticed lots of fines in the bag and in my stove upon use. The fire burns bigger but blackens everything in the stove with a heavy black sooty ash, also the burn pot fills quickly and doesn't burn as long between cleanings and the pellets back up into the chute and clog it causing more shut downs and cleanings than I've experienced with other wood pellets in the past. I would not recommend these pellets nor will I purchase this brand again.

  • Comment Link Ralph Monday, 02 January 2017 13:31 posted by Ralph

    These pellets are awesome. They burn clean and hot. They are about a dollar more a bag, but seem to burn hotter and longer then other pellets Ive used in the past. So IMO a wash

  • Comment Link Jim Marut Sunday, 06 November 2016 23:47 posted by Jim Marut

    I bought 5 bags and the first one I used seems like a lot of fines in the bottom waiting to see if it clogs up my stove.Was going to email them but cant find a email. Will check back and let you know in a few days about the fines.


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