This Years Testing Of The Best Wood Pellets 2017

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Stove Chow Wood Pellets

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Stove Chow Wood Pellet fuel pellets

Stove Chow pellets are out of PA by Premier Pellet.  Premier Pellet has locations in PA and Canada.  Is this Energex?


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  • Admin Review: August - 2017 - Looking forward to burning some this year!! They are sometimes hit or miss

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  • Comment Link Owen %AM, %02 %147 %2017 %02:%Jan posted by Owen

    I have KOZI XL ,I will never use Stove Chow wood pellets again, they don't burn well and lots of chunks, some times I have to clean it 3 times a day and I have to use full air or they won't burn, I agree with Gary, don't buy because of price I got stuck with 3 tons, Owen,

  • Comment Link Rick Godin %PM, %28 %866 %2016 %19:%Dec posted by Rick Godin

    I have a cheap US stove for about 7 years and the stove chow is the best pellets I have ever used. Any of the premier pellet company brands all burn perfect. Very little ash. Only thing you have to do is shut down the stove once a day and dump out the burn pot. I've had problems with all other brands of pellets making a mess or not giving good heat. So to all you review readers out there just try different pellets and burner setting to find s brand that works for you

  • Comment Link Shuli Tor %PM, %27 %649 %2016 %14:%Nov posted by Shuli Tor

    what is white wood?

  • Comment Link Armand %PM, %16 %801 %2016 %18:%Feb posted by Armand

    Try Country Boy white lightning wood pellets...all oak hard wood dust Kentucky's best!

  • Comment Link john %PM, %06 %006 %2016 %23:%Feb posted by john

    I have a Lopi Agp pellet stove, Home Depot was selling the Stove Chow pellets for $3.99 a bag. I went ahead and bought a ton, but after buying I was reading some of reviews and was concerned about the pellets. I dumped 2 bags in my stove and I was surprised how well they burned, after 2 days I have no soot on my glass. The inside of the stove had no soot like some of the other pellets I have tried. I did notice they produce a little more ash but I can live with that. After trying and liking so much I decide to bought 3 more tons and the best part was the price. Where can you buy a ton of pellets for less then $200.

  • Comment Link joe %PM, %02 %858 %2016 %19:%Feb posted by joe

    just bought 4 bags of stovechow to try . am not happy with the ton of greene team .this is for a new harmon p43 stove home depot says I will have less ash then greene team. we will see in a week.
    one ques what is white wood? definition please do you mean- no cherry or mahogony or pressure treated ???.

  • Comment Link Gary %PM, %29 %679 %2016 %15:%Jan posted by Gary

    for some reason it doesn't burn all the way and leaves big clumps in burn pot that needs to be scooped out.

  • Comment Link Anthony %AM, %29 %263 %2015 %05:%Dec posted by Anthony

    Don't buy this garbage burns too quickly and low flames. 20% OF SAWDUST IN EACH BAG.. Low quality pellets never again

  • Comment Link Andrew %AM, %07 %090 %2015 %01:%Dec posted by Andrew

    Follow-up on Stove Chow:

    Completely took apart vent pipe and all maintenance sections of my Drolet ECO-65.

    The few bags of stove chow cause the heat exchanger tubes to build-up a sooty layer and there was ash build-up through-out the venting system, upwards to 1/2 inch deep in places.

    On stove shut-down, the pressure blew ash out the termination; all over the siding on the house.

    After cleaning the stove thoroughly, using Turmans now. More expensive but worth the piece of mind.

  • Comment Link Andrew %PM, %28 %656 %2015 %14:%Nov posted by Andrew

    Bought 6 bags of stove chow at HD to test out; while waiting for delivery of four tons.

    Previous experience was 1/2 ton of Cheat River from Lowes. Cheat River experience was fair; okay heat and fair amount of ash.

    Lowes jacked their prices up to $299 per ton and switched brands this autumn, so the stove chow at $259 seemed to be a no-brainer.

    Long story short: the stove chow burned hotter than Cheat River, yet created lots of gooey "clinkers" and lots of ash. Also creosote layer inside the burner box.

    After five bags had a chimney fire and had soot all over the white exterior of my vinyl sided house.

    I switched to Turmans and got about 20 more degrees and very little ash and NO creosote.

    Don't use Stove Chow unless you have many fire detectors in good working order, a second home to live in and all your valuables at an off-site location.


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