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Saturday, 05 October 2013 20:28

The best and possibly perfect wood pellet

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Could this be?.... the best pellet in the world?...

So I "googled" Oregon wood pellets Douglas fir and found this pellet on the 5th page of google.  Virtually invisible to the general public.  The company was Frank Lumber and they produce a pellet called Packsaddle Wood Pellets.  So I called them up, because their website has not email form, and 1 week later a bag of these pellets show up on my doorstep.   These pellets made the journey from Oregon all the way to NH.

Let me say that I finally got to them in the pile of pellets waiting to get burned and when I opened the bag, I thought I saw GOD himself looking back at me.  These pellets are Georges and perfect in every way.  I love the Douglas Fir reddish hue and the smell.  I reached my hand in to see how they felt and again,, got a tingle of excitement after feeling the shear density and toughness of these pellets.  

I just put them in the hopper so I'm really looking forward to a cold night which will prompt me to fire up the stove and burn through them.

From 1st impression, I must say that this small pellet mill on the 5th page of google may just have the worlds best pellet.  We will see!


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  • Comment Link gary myers Wednesday, 08 January 2014 21:13 posted by gary myers

    my name is gary myers,my question/statement is that I bought 3 tons of pellets from clean fire-I have used and a half and I have not been impressed,the mecanics of the pellets are good the problem is that the ash is overburdining, i find that the ash is app'2 to 3mm and tinders of ash fly excessivly all over the insside of the stove resulting in a clean out every 5 to 7 bags. I have a quadrafire / hamton bay modle stove 3 years old and I do all the maintinance-regularly I would like to know with out malice how to get more technicial data on wood pellits to compare with-origan wood pellits douglas fir cought my eye and what I have researched is impressive could you help me ?

  • Comment Link James Dowd Sunday, 06 October 2013 23:24 posted by James Dowd

    Since the average HHV for softwood pellets is only about 2% greater that the average HHV for hardwoods and that the pellet mills produce either with a relatively uniform density of 40 lbs per cubic foot , then any bag of hardwood pellets delivered the same distance will produce about two percent less energy than the equivalent amount of softwood pellets that should cost no more than 2 percent more than the hardwood pellets. Assume the same MC in both. In truth then if the pellets are of the same quality as for size and length, then either one will produce the same energy at the same price.


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