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Trae Heat Wood Pellets

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The Trae Heat Wood Pellets are premium grade and meet the strict European EN Plus A1 standard for quality.

  • Ash - .49%
  • BTU (As Received) – 8,270 BTU/lb.
  • BTU (Moisture Free) – 8,796 BTU/lb.
  • Moisture – 5.34%
  • Wood Type: Softwood

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  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 19 March 2018 22:48 posted by Joe

    Very disappointing. Probably the worst I have ever used in 22 years with my Whitfield pellet stove. Very low heat, lots of ash, and glass gets dirty quickly. Have to set stove on 3 or 4 to get heat anywhere near other brands get on 2. I will not buy again.

  • Comment Link Jerry Johnson Wednesday, 10 January 2018 23:32 posted by Jerry Johnson

    So I was at Lowes and they had two brands of pellets, Trae and another pellet that I can't remember the name of now. I searched both on my phone and at the time Trae only had 1 review (that came up on my phone) and the guy claimed these were the best pellets he had ever used. Although they burn clean and leave little ash they are not hot at all. Not sure why but I find that to put out the same heat that my previous bags of stove chow put out on my lowest setting of 1, I had to bump it up to setting 2 burning Trae Pellets which burns through pellets nearly twice as fast. They are not the worst pellets I've ever burned but due to low heat output they hover at the bottom. I will only buy these if none other are available.

  • Comment Link Charles Saturday, 06 January 2018 22:43 posted by Charles

    I have a Breckwell freestanding pellet stove. I have used several bags of these wood pellets and the burn fine with not a lot of Ash. I also use Clean Energy wood pellets and they seem to burn a bit hotter than the Trae pellets do. Both burn fine in my pellet stove. I turn my stove off once a day for a half hour to clean the fire box and burn pot. Doing so keeps the stove efficency up. Not a lot of Ash.

  • Comment Link Christy Friday, 05 January 2018 18:39 posted by Christy

    These pellets are the worst we have ever used. So much pellet dust. Jams my auger daily.

  • Comment Link Jared Wednesday, 17 August 2016 12:50 posted by Jared

    I have a quad classic stove and these are the best I have used so far