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Walmart - Pennington Natures Heat Wood Pellets

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Natures Heat Wood Pellets by Pennington

Pennington Wood Pellets are a clean-burning PREMIUM wood pellet with less than 1% ash produced. And because wood pellet stoves burn efficiently, there is almost complete combustion of the fuel, creating minimal smoke & air emissions. New England Wood Pellets is the producer up here in New England

Unlike some wood pellets, Nature’s Heat is a premium product, using ONLY 100% wood. Using woods makes Nature’s Heat Wood Pellets a denser, harder pellet … The harder the pellet, the slower and more evenly it burns. This makes it a very efficient fuel. Nature’s Heat wood pellets produce more heat energy with less ash and fewer “clinkers”, caused by a build-up of creosote.

The price of traditional forms of heating fuels have been fluctuating wildly in the last few years, but, wood pellets have been, and will continue to be, cost stable. It’s a heating fuel source that you can depend on in the years to come.

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  • Comment Link Jeff %PM, %26 %819 %2016 %18:%Jul posted by Jeff

    I have a Harmon stove and had to use these because they were the only ones available. Pure junk! Extremely high ash,constant cleaning of the stove and not very hot. Forced to use them but I'd rather freeze than use them again.

  • Comment Link Chuck palmer %AM, %02 %079 %2015 %00:%Dec posted by Chuck palmer

    Are they safe for open pit cooking or smoking meats?

  • Comment Link Jerry %AM, %24 %263 %2015 %05:%Nov posted by Jerry

    I purchased 2 bags of these pellets at Wal-Mart. .they did Not burn good at all and backed up in the hopper. Had to take them out. Used as fill for the drive way.
    I will never buy again and would not take even if they were free!!!

  • Comment Link Bill %PM, %29 %873 %2015 %19:%Sep posted by Bill

    I just purchased 3 tons for this winter. Plan one trying one bag later tonight. I have always found these to be great pellets!

  • Comment Link ma Holmes %PM, %21 %890 %2015 %20:%Feb posted by ma Holmes

    When its all that is around i have to use em...but I would rather not way too much ash had to really deep clean my stove after 3 bags.

  • Comment Link charles Fink %PM, %14 %855 %2015 %19:%Jan posted by charles Fink

    I bought 12 bags in a pinch. To start with the bags were horrible. breakeage and leaking out. The first bag ,I set them on the hot stove for a second or two. The bag instantly melted and pellets all over. I used near two tons of another brand resting them on the hot stove. Zero problems.I am also not fond of their performance. Would not buy them again.

  • Comment Link Shawn Taylor %PM, %10 %838 %2015 %19:%Jan posted by Shawn Taylor

    Stay away from these pellets. I had a preowned whitfield that I took out because I thought it was junk due to it always backing up. Then I bought a qudrafire castile that I burned Home Depots stove chow in and it ran great. This year I bought a pallet of Pennington and my new stove began backing up daily. I then switched to any brand but Pennington and back to no issues. These are the worst pellets you can buy!! I wouldn't even take a free pallet!!

  • Comment Link dan %AM, %09 %540 %2015 %11:%Jan posted by dan

    bought my second batch of pennington pellets and have been greatly disappointed. the first batch burned well with a tolerable amount of ash output. this batch is dark brown in color and some of the pellets are over an inch long. the ash output in my napoleon insert is incredible, worst i've ever seen, piling up after only 2-3 bags. something went horribly wrong with this batches quality control.

  • Comment Link freezin %PM, %20 %567 %2014 %12:%Aug posted by freezin

    I have tried these pellets on and off for several years, and now will only buy them in a pinch. I have read the complaints about the augers getting clogged and i know why. there is a big variation in these pellets burnability due to where they store them. At walmart for instance they store them outside, and when they sell them by the bag they leave them out in the elements with nothing protecting them from moisture. this is ok if you buy a whole ton wrapped in shrink wrap but not off of a pallet thats been opened. They burn great when the moisture content is not affected by the elements. but if you buy individual bags make sure they were stored undercover or you will be buying a new auger!

  • Comment Link bob doughty %PM, %08 %601 %2014 %13:%Mar posted by bob doughty Been burning your pellets here in Maine the whole clan for three years at lease,the last couple of tons (from Sams) not close to being as good as previous,twice as much ash and guicker burn.Englanger stove and i clean weekly.


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