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Warm Front Wood Pellets

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Warm Front

Warm Front is a high quality premium grade pellet which is packaged in a clear bag in order to showcase the product to consumers. Warm Front can be found throughout the Northeast, typically in areas where the New England Wood Pellet label cannot be found. They are manufactured from the identical proprietary blend as our New England Wood Pellet brand. To find a dealer in your area check out our dealer locator. Quality characteristics are as follows.

Heat Value 7,900-8,200 BTU's/lb. at 3% moisture
Moisture Content 3 to 5%
Ash Content 0.4-0.7% (PFI Premium Standard <1%)
Density ≥40 lb./cu ft.

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  • Comment Link James Friday, 10 June 2016 13:24 posted by James

    Warm Front is the EXACT same product as Green Supreme which is the EXACT same product as New England Wood Pellets. Check out NEWPs website to verify. All pretty below-average pellets that throw little heat and have high ash. So if you are considering Warm Front (or New England) you are much better off buying the Green Supreme from the box stores. Don't be misled into believing they are any better.

  • Comment Link Kelly Friday, 29 January 2016 17:32 posted by Kelly

    I bought four tons of these at Sandri in greenfield this year. I've never used this pellet brand before. Warm front is the worse pellet brand I've yet to burn in ten years. In fact it burns dirty and builds up black crust on the exit auger to the point that it stops the auger in just a few days of running.
    Hence now my lower auger motor is burnt out. Which I now have to buy and install. This has never happened in all my years of using different brands.
    So sadly I've got a bunch of pellets left to burn up and they are dusty and icky. Now i'm worried about losing another motor due to the carbon mess.
    Im not happy with these pellets and will never buy warm front again. I have a Englander stove. Sandri should get a better quality pellet to sell. Best pellet I have ever used is the Green Supreme hard wood from Tractor supply. Paid $224 a ton two years ago. Couldnt get that brand this year any where.

  • Comment Link Cayla Friday, 02 January 2015 16:37 posted by Cayla

    I have a bosca stove in my house for starters, it's an older model however it is a little bear at what it does. I normally don't use this brand of fuel, but all of the stores near me had nothing but this variety left if anything. Why not? I need it.

    I'm usually used to paying 5.35-5.78 a bag this came in at 6.99, but when you need it badly you buy it.
    The pellets straight away looked lower quality to the hard wood brands I'd been using previously and i was correct!

    Extremely dusty! Be careful if you are asthmatic around these. No joke. They list having a low ash , they are not. They are by far the most filthy and hunky brand I've experienced. While they burned for a long time which was a shock they left the condition of my stove rather bad. It wasn't even the usual ash it was bright yellow and orange, and caked onto everything. I had to literally take my stove apart to hand scrub each piece and reassemble my machine!

    1 exhausted shop vacation filter, 2 sponges, 1 scrubber and a myriad of clothes later my stove is finally free of that nasty caked mess.

    If desired I took pictures of how yellow oddly colored the stove was. I'm more than willing to share.

    Long story short
    too expensive
    low quality
    Messy messy! I highly recommend avoiding these

  • Comment Link Tom Wednesday, 26 February 2014 03:08 posted by Tom

    Received a ton of Warm Front pellets from Sandri ( in Greenfield, Ma last week. $244.99 for 40 lb bags and $254.99 for 20 lb bags (70 + year old people love the 20 pounders). I live 40 miles away and they delivered. Not a bad product, but lots of fines (probably because of the 20 lb bags). And yes, it is important to do a full cleaning once a month. I also do a quick vacuum in between. Am using a Harmon 40k unit to heat 3 rooms downstairs, and 1 upstairs.

  • Comment Link Robert Friday, 01 March 2013 21:53 posted by Robert

    I really don't think they are the same as New England Pellet blend. I burned a ton of New England pellets when I got my Lopi AGP. The second ton I got was Warm Front. I know they are made by the same company but I am not getting the clumping that I was getting or the amount of ash. Also the pellets are bigger or better yet longer than the NE pellets. The smell a lot more like real wood than the ton of NE pellets. Here is the big fact or for me. They are putting out a lot more heat. My room that I have the I have the thermostat set to 80 degrees. With a ton of NE pellets I would never hit that if the temp was over 40 I would get it to it. Now I am hitting that with 20 degree weather outside. I noticed it the first bag.

  • Comment Link chicky Friday, 01 February 2013 00:58 posted by chicky

    My son and I both have pellet furnaces and have burned Warm Front for years. They were very consistent as far as ash content. I guess you get used to one brand. We both burn over 6 ton/yr. I monitor the output temperature at all burning/feed levels. This year the Warm Front seem to not have the BTU as in the past. I used to get plenum temperatures of 110 degrees to 130 degrees with both room fans running. Now I have a hard time getting 110 degrees. My furnace is American Harvester 6100. It is multi-fuel although pellets are the best to burn without slag. I will add that reading all the comments about different pellets is very confusing because so many people have good luck with so many brands. It seems if I change to some other local brands they either have too much ash or don't burn hot enough.

  • Comment Link Bluebailey Wednesday, 07 March 2012 13:55 posted by Bluebailey

    First season wtih a Timberwolf (Napolean)TPS35 stove, been throwing everything I can find in it. Seems Warm Front is the brand most common in my area (Eastern MA). I vacuum sift all bags before they even enter the hopper so fines are not a problem for me, they burn at about 250 degrees and produce a nice blue bottom flame and orange top. They do produce a TON of ash so I'm cleaning out every 2 days or so. I paid $239 a ton which is the 2nd most cheapest brand I was able to find!

  • Comment Link Keith G Saturday, 10 December 2011 23:01 posted by Keith G

    I posted the warm front review saying I was not having luck and they were a replacement for other pellets that had been ordered. While I still think they have a high ash content, I need to retract my review as I found a large blockage in my stove that was making everything burn bad, I will post a new review when I get more of them in. (yep, posted without a thorough cleaning of the stove...bad bad bad) please delete my review or post this.

  • Comment Link Keith G, NH Saturday, 26 November 2011 23:37 posted by Keith G, NH

    I have been burning these for about a week without good luck. They seem to have a very high ash content, and I am having to clean the ash out of the burn pot 3 times a day. We had ordered 4 tons of another brand which apparently had quality problems related to shipping and moisture according to our supplier, and were given these to try as a substitute. I am using an Enviro Maxx VF170.
    ***NOTE TO ADMIN, modified the comment to reflect we were given these pellets to fulfill an order that had been rejected by our supplier, the way I had worded it before sounded like previous pellets I was burning had problems.

  • Comment Link John Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:26 posted by John

    These pellets have been horrible. We have a Whitfield stove and had always used pellets from Canada sold from Cyr Lumber. This year they changed to this brand. To light the stove you need to put the feed way down otherwise it will never light. After it does light, you have to put the feed way up. There have been some beetles around the stove which I have no idea where they are coming from but it could be from the pellets. THESE PELLETS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED IF YOU ASK MY OPINION.


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