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Saturday, 31 August 2013 16:13

Wood Pellets are arriving daily now! Cold nights where are you?

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Just received some Bear Mountain and Golden Fire pellets all the way from Oregon where the best pellets on earth are produced.

Indeck just arrived yesterday and I love the sweat smell of Aspen (maybe)

I had to purchase the Geneva Maines Choice at Walmart just to see what we have here as well.

Now all I need are some cold nights!  I have the Logik-e in the stove now and from what I could tell, these pellets are going to be awesome this year for the heat output.  Huge massive flame and tons of heat!! the trade off that I saw on this first night was the slight amount of minerals left behind in the form of a clinker.  However, from what I felt and measured on the infrared heat gun, I will put up with a little clinkage for this.

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  • Comment Link Eric Saturday, 14 December 2013 18:45 posted by Eric

    I have been burning about 4-5 tons of pellets for the past 5 years. I really liked Maine Choice but this year I am using the Premium wood pellets. I always buy at Home Depot because of price and I get a Vet discount. A ton costs me 188. Just picked up one today. Well, I was burning the premium for the past month and really likeu them. Then I switched to left over Maine Choice. All stored in the basement so moisture is not an issue. When I poured the Maine Choice into a 5 gallon bucket for my Enviro Mini upstairs, I was hit with allot of dust. Must be fines. I do not get this dust when pouring the Premium pellets. No more Maine Choice for me.

  • Comment Link Rick Saturday, 07 September 2013 00:27 posted by Rick

    Just starting out trying to figure out what are the best pellets to buy.I just bought a Edge 60 pellet fireplace by Quadrafire can you tell me hard or soft pellet? From what i read on the net so far Cleanfire Suer Premium pellets are the best is this true?I appreciate the help thank you.


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