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Blazer Wood Pellets

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Blazer Wood Fuel Pellets from West Oregon Wood Products.

  • Blazer wood fuel pellets burn hot!!!!
  • BLAZER 50–40 lb. bags
  • From: Oregon
  • Source: Douglas Fir Blend
  • Ash Content: 0.3%.
  • BTU (Dry Basis): 9,200 avg.
  • The raw wood is acquired in the "green" (wet) state and dried to the proper moisture content.
  • Precise control of the drying process assures the volatile components will be retained to radiate maximum heat from the burning pellets.
  • BLAZER pellets are regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure that our pellets exceed the standards established by the PFI (Pellet Fuel Institute) for PREMIUM FUEL classification.
  • Pellet producers across the country are using a large variety of wood species for the manufacturing of pellets. Each possesses its own characteristics that affect the ultimate heating value.
  • West Oregon Wood Products, Inc. has incorporated the finest species available in the Pacific Northwest, Douglas Fir, to produce our high quality premium fuel pellet.


Contact West Oregon Wood Products - - -  Blazer Pellets
P.O. Box 249
Columbia City, Oregon 97018

Additional Info

  • Admin Review: Oct1 2014: You west coast folks really have no idea how good you have it over there. Douglas fir pellets are by far the best raw material that I have found used for pellets. These pellets along with the Hot Shot pellets produced hardly any ash and threw out some great heat. Nice job! Super thumbs up pellet.

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  • Comment Link Scott Friday, 10 October 2014 22:44 posted by Scott

    Do you have anyone who carries these in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area

  • Comment Link Anthony M Guay Thursday, 13 March 2014 23:07 posted by Anthony M Guay

    By far, the warmest & cleanest pellet we've ever burned in 8 years and 7 different pellets! Exiting temp from our pellet stove ( a high end, Quadrafire, Mt Vernon insert ) 15 degrees, above its closest pellet rival, on average. No jams, no clinkers and after 5 tons the total ash measured; >1 cu ft. . Cleaned stove and exhaust blower after 2 1/2 ton. 0 ash in exhaust. Not 1 stove problem all season....it doesn't get any better! A.M.Guay

  • Comment Link Mike Saturday, 01 March 2014 15:26 posted by Mike

    Pellets burn terrific in our Lop stove. Very low ash, great heat.

  • Comment Link Jim  Addison Sunday, 23 February 2014 23:44 posted by Jim Addison

    Very Very Hot fire. We picked up a couple of bags of the Blazers to try. Given all the bad reviews, I suggest being cautious on a large purchase, but I would by 1/2 ton without reservation next time around. For us, we found them A-1 for heat output. They burn fast and they burn really hot for those very cold days. For you people that had trouble with them, I recommend turning up the air rate. If you are getting a lot of soot, then most likely the fire is starving for air. We have a New Englander 25-ep and on the low settings the fire would dwindle down between feed cycles as the pellets were burning so fast and hot with the increased air. I believe these are the hottest pellets I have burned to date, but we need to buy more to verify that for sure. On those first two bags, the home was the hottest it had been all winter. The glass never stays completely clean with any pellet, but with these it was the cleanest and the burn pot was still empty after burning 2 bags on a high feed rate. The ash was very light and it blew out of the fire pot into the ash pan where it belongs. These may be a little more expensive to burn at the higher feed rate, but when you need the extra heat, it is still cheaper than oil! I am sorry we did not buy more for a more thorough review but I recommend to giving these pellets a try or a second try with more air if you have already tried them.

  • Comment Link Dave Capps Monday, 16 December 2013 15:56 posted by Dave Capps

    We have been using Coastal, a local second label, or Golden Fire. Picked up 15 bags of Blazer and regret ever seeing these things. Ash, soot, and residues are horrible. Heat output feels much lower that the brands we have been using. Going back to the other brands as fast as we can

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