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Northeast Pellets wood pellets is based in Maine and is a wholesaler, and retailer producing premium wood pellets for home and business from 100% bark-free wood. They are clean burning, low-ash, and highly efficient. Northeast Pellets are now available in several retailer locations in Maine.

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  • Comment Link Jennifer Sunday, 12 October 2014 13:58 posted by Jennifer

    We picked up 3 bags of these pellets at a local Tractor Supply Store. We feel that they burn fast and have a really bad odor to them

  • Comment Link alli Monday, 31 March 2014 19:15 posted by alli

    My family owns Northeast Pellets and they are available at Walmart, and S.W Collins etc.... But if you want to get them you better act fast because they are selling out fast.;)

  • Comment Link John H. Wednesday, 12 February 2014 18:13 posted by John H.

    I have been using these pellets exclusively for this year due to the unavailability of other products Now they cant suppy the Little guys again, the mom and pop shops, so I have to change and that is good. I routinely found the bags had less than the 40 lbs in them several were 35 -39 lbs a bag but none were over 40 granted using a bathroom scale but other brands I weighed were at 40.2 lbs . but I used them cause they were the only ones easily available They need better qc and the heat output is on the low scale of others I have burnt I have been burning pellets exclusively for the last 8 years Oil heat is My Backup

  • Comment Link JeffD Tuesday, 14 January 2014 18:06 posted by JeffD

    I am trying Northeast Pellets for the first time. I am on the second bag and am pleasantly surprised. They are very light in color. The bag claims "no bark". Heat output is pretty good and the ash output also seems good so far (on the lower side). My only complaint is that the pellets themselves are tiny little chips. This could be a result of transportation and handling, but if not ,the mill needs to fix that part of their quality control. I would have given them a 5 if the pellets were better formed. The bag is labelled "super premium". Are they really? Quite possibly! I bought these at Tractor Supply (in Leominster, MA) for 4.60-something a bag. For the price, I think these rate right up at the top of the "low cost" pellets available at the big retailers. I have a Quadrafire Mt Vernon Insert. I am burning them on the hardwood setting with a flame height adjustment of -2.

  • Comment Link steve Tuesday, 05 November 2013 11:35 posted by steve

    I have been using Northeast Pellets for the last two years with good results. They are made nearby in Ashland, Maine. I am not sure of the composition but they feed well and burn hot. They are available at the Presque Isle Walmart presently for $198/ton. I also use Maine Wood Pellets with about the same good results.

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