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If you are a retailer of wood pellets and want to get more customers then read on...

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    • Chris

      "At North Atlantic Fuels we're lucking enough to count as one of our NH neighbors! We started selling wood pellets in 2018 and faced a steep learning curve. Rob at WPR not only offered us some great encouragement and feedback, but an opportunity to advertise on his highly trusted and highly visited site. It helped that the pellets we sell are well reviewed by customers - but the exposure on WPR has fed us thousands of visitors over the past year and I don't know where we'd be without it."

      Atlantic Fuels
    • Daniel  Kelley

      Right on. Been using State line wood pellet out of CT. They are great and advertise on your site!

      Your a fool if you sell pellets and don't advertise with you! is always a top 5 Google search result when you search for any type of pellet.

      $10 bucks a month for a Top 5 Google hit? I’m not in the pellet business but if I could spend $10 bucks a month for good advertising I would.

      Daniel Kelley
      Happy Customer Of State Line in CT
    • We've been very happy with the volume of referral web traffic that we've received from  You pushed just under 300 customers over to our site from yours last year.  With 175 of them being unique or new customers.  Our conversion rate with those customers buying directly on our website was right around 25%.  132 tons purchased.  This doesn't take into account phone orders or walk-ins.  The ROI on this marketing investment makes advertising on your sites a no brainer.  Not to mention the considerable uptick in our site's Google ranking  since you backlinked to us.  Teaming up with Woodpelletreviews has been a critical key to increasing our web presence in our market. Thanks again for everything.  And we look forward to advertising with you again this year.
      Heather & Joe Bucks Pellets Eastern, Pa
      Heather & Joe
      Bucks Pellets
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