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United States & Canadian Wood Pellet Mills


Wood & Sons of Maine pellet mill above

US Wood Pellet Mills

Below is a very nice list of pellets mills located here in the US.  Canadian mills are below.

Plant Location Feedstock Capacity
Allendale White Pellet Plant SC Softwood 60,000
American Wood Fibers-Circleville OH Hardwood/softwood 25,000
American Wood Fibers-Marion VA Hardwood/softwood 30,000
Amite BioEnergy LA Softwood 512,500
Appalachian Wood Pellets WV Hardwood 50,000
Appling County Pellets LLC GA Hardwood/softwood 200,000
Archer Forest Products LLC GA Softwood 150,000
Barefoot Pellet Co. PA Hardwood 63,500
Blackstone Pellets CT Hardwood 13,600
Blue Mountain Lumber Products OR Hardwood/softwood 18,100
C&C Smith Lumber Pellet Plant MO Hardwood 16,500
Confluence Energy-Kremmling CO Softwood 45,400
Convergen Energy WI Paper waste 108,900
Curran Renewable Energy LLC NY Hardwood/softwood 108,900
Dejno’s Inc. WI Hardwood/softwood 54,400
Dover Resources Inc. CA Woody biomass 150,000
Dry Creek Wood Pellets NY Hardwood 77,100
Easy Heat Wood Pellets-Bensalem PA Hardwood 21,800
Easy Heat Wood Pellets-Indianapolis IN Hardwood 21,800
Easy Heat Wood Pellets-S. Charleston OH Hardwood 21,800
Energex America Inc. PA Hardwood 114,000
Enviva Pellets Ahoskie NC Hardwood/softwood 370,000
Enviva Pellets Amory MS Hardwood 120,000
Enviva Pellets Cottondale LLC FL Hardwood 720,000
Enviva Pellets Greenwood LLC SC Hardwood/softwood 600,000
Enviva Pellets Hamlet NC Hardwood/softwood 600,000
Enviva Pellets Northampton LLC NC Hardwood/softwood 750,000
Enviva Pellets Sampson NC Hardwood/softwood 750,000
Enviva Pellets Southampton LLC VA Hardwood/softwood 750,000
Equustock-Chester VA Softwood 72,600
Equustock-Montebrook FL Softwood 36,300
Equustock-Rapid City SD Softwood 35,300
Equustock-Troy VA Softwood 36,300
Essex Pallet & Pellet NY Hardwood/softwood 500
Fiber By-Products Corp. MI Hardwood 90,000
Fiber Energy Products AR AR Hardwood 80,000
Fiber Resources Inc. AR Hardwood/softwood 108,900
Forest Energy Mendocino LLC CA Softwood 31,800
Forest Energy Oregon LLC OR Softwood 43,500
Forest Energy Show Low AZ Softwood 51,000
Frank Pellets LLC OR Softwood 19,050
Georgia Biomass GA Softwood 750,000
Golden Peanut Co.-Dawson GA Ag/peanut hulls 18,100
Golden Peanut Co.-Headland AL Ag/peanut hulls 31,800
Great Lakes Renewable Energy Inc. WI Hardwood/softwood 31,800
Greene Team Pellets PA Hardwood 45,400
Hamer Pellet Fuel WV Hardwood 70,000
Hassell & Hughes Lumber Co. TN Hardwood 27,000
Hazlehurst Wood Pellets LLC GA Softwood 500,000
Hearthside Wood Pellets NY Hardwood 1,800
Henry County Hardwoods Inc. TN Hardwood 43,500
Highland Pellets LLC-Pine Bluff AR Softwood 600,000
Horizon Biofuels Inc. NE Hardwood/softwood 2,000
Indeck Energy Ladysmith LLC WI Hardwood/softwood 81,600
Instantheat Wood Pellets Inc. NY Hardwood 40,800
Ironstone Mills PA Hardwood/softwood 1,800
Jensen Lumber Co. ID Softwood 13,600
Kingdom Biofuels PA Hardwood 9,100
Kirtland Products LLC MI Hardwood/softwood 27,200
LaSalle BioEnergy LA Softwood 450,000
Lemhi Valley Pellets ID Hardwood/softwood 2,800
Lignetics of Idaho Inc. ID Softwood 72,600
Lignetics of Maine Inc. ME Hardwood/softwood 82,000
Lignetics of New England-Allegheny PA Hardwood/softwood 55,000
Lignetics of New England-Deposit NY Hardwood/softwood 80,000
Lignetics of New England-Jaffrey NH Hardwood/softwood 76,200
Lignetics of New England-Schuyler NY Hardwood/softwood 70,000
Lignetics of Oregon-Brownsville OR Softwood 113,400
Lignetics of Oregon-Cascade Locks OR Hardwood/softwood 36,300
Lignetics of Virginia Inc. VA Hardwood/softwood 82,000
Lignetics of West Virginia Inc. WV Hardwood 113,400
Lignetics of Wisconsin-Marathon WI Hardwood/softwood 45,400
Lignetics of Wisconsin-Peshtigo WI Hardwood 45,400
LJR Forest Products GA Softwood 158,800
Maeder Brothers Quality Wood Pellets Inc. MI Hardwood 16,300
Maine Woods Pellet Co. ME Hardwood/softwood 100,000
Mallard Creek Inc. CA Softwood 108,900
Manke Lumber Co. WA Softwood 34,500
Michigan Wood Fuels MI Hardwood 54,400
Morehouse BioEnergy LA Softwood 512,500
MRE-Crossville AL Hardwood/softwood 99,800
MRE-Jasper TN Hardwood 113,400
MRE-Ligonier IN Hardwood/softwood 59,000
MRE-Peebles OH Hardwood/softwood 59,000
MRE-Quitman MS Hardwood/softwood 120,000
Mt. Taylor Machine Pellet Fuel NM Hardwood/softwood 8,200
Nature’s by Woodgrain Millwork – Lenoir NC Softwood 30,000
Nature’s by Woodgrain Millwork-Fruitland ID Softwood 30,000
Nature’s Earth Pellets NC LLC-Laurinburg NC Hardwood and Softwood 90,700
North Idaho Energy Logs-Hauser ID Softwood 54,400
North Idaho Energy Logs-Moyie Springs ID Softwood 45,400
Northeast Pellets LLC ME Hardwood/softwood 36,000
Northland Pallet Inc. MN Hardwood/softwood 13,600
O’Malley Wood Pellets VA Hardwood 36,000
Ozark Hardwood Products MO Hardwood 175,000
PA Pellets PA Hardwood 45,400
Pacific Coast Pellets WA Softwood 45,400
Pacific Pellet LLC OR Hardwood 39,200
Patterson Wood Products Inc. TX Softwood 36,300
Pellet America Corp. WI Paper waste 27,200
Pellheat Inc. PA Hardwood 4,500
Penn Wood Products Inc. PA Hardwood 5,400
Pinnacle Renewable Energy- Aliceville AL Softwood 270,000
Rocky Canyon Pellet Co. ID Hardwood/softwood 7,300
Smith Creek Inc. IN Hardwood 13,600
Snow Timber Pellets LLC WI Hardwood 4,500
Somerset Pellet Fuel KY Hardwood 49,900
Southern Indiana Hardwoods IN Hardwood 7,300
Southern Kentucky Pellet Mill Inc. KY Hardwood 6,400
Spearfish Pellet Co. SD Softwood 52,600
Sugar Creek Shavings OH Hardwood 2,300
Superior Pellet Fuels LLC AK Softwood 31,800
Telfair Forest Products LLC GA Softwood 120,000
Trae Fuels Ltd.-Pellet Plant VA Hardwood/softwood 108,900
Turman Hardwood Pellets VA Hardwood 33,600
Varn Wood Pellets GA Softwood 80,000
Vermont Wood Pellet Co. LLC VT Softwood 15,100
Vulcan Wood Products Inc. MI Hardwood/softwood 8,200
Western Wood Products Inc. NM Softwood 23,600
WestWind Logistics LLC IA Woody biomass 13,600
Wood & Sons Pellet Plant ME Hardwood/softwood 30,000
Wood Fuel Developers LLC VA Hardwood/softwood 100,000
Wood Pellets C&C Smith Lumber PA Hardwood 22,700
Woodscape of Utah UT Hardwood/softwood 5,400
Woodville Pellets LLC TX Hardwood/softwood 500,000
Zilkha Biomass-Selma AL Hardwood/softwood 275,000

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