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Best Wood Pellets

The Best Wood Pellets

Here is a list of the best wood pellets for pellet stoves I have burned over the years.  Year after year the wood pellets listed below, both hardwood and softwood pellets, are considered, in my opinion, to be the best. Quality and efficiency can vary based on your wood pellet stove design and manufacturer, but rest assured that purchasing hardwood, softwood or blended pellets will not make a huge difference to your final result and production.  The most important thing when burning pellets is keeping your stove clean!!  regular maintenance is vital.  Your cleaning schedule will vary depending on the quality of pellet you purchased.

Best Heating Wood Pellets for 2017

Here is the list of pellets I have received so far and my pics of, what I think, are going to be the best of 2017 not in any particular order;


EasyBlaze pellets hit the scene this year in a huge way.  These pellets were fantastic!  Heat output was amazing and the ash was almost non existent.  Both the Softwood and the Blend were very impressive.  You can find a retailer by visiting their website and submitting your zip code.  They will email you back pretty quickly.  I have seen these pellets for sale as far north as Southern Massachusetts.

Northern Warmth Doug Fir & Supreme Doug Fir Pellets

You can’t argue with those west coast Douglas Fir wood pellets.  These trees, especially any old growth trees, really make for a fantastic pellet.  You can learn more about these pellets along with finding a retailer of these pellets using The Northern Warmth dealer locator on their brand new website here….  Northern Warmth Pellets

La Crete Wood Pellets

I have been burning LaCrete pellets for years now.  I always get a few samples mailed out to me.  They have been a tried and true softwood pellet that puts out great heat and has low ash.  The only down side to these pellets are the bags.  At times I find them too thin.  However, by saving on added costs of packaging material, you are getting a much higher quality pellet for less money which is usually passed on to the end user.

Northern Warmth Purley Pine

These are on the low end of cost in the Northern Warmth line up but I was super impressed.  Very, Very low ash and super heat output.  Learn more about them.

Hamer’s Hot Ones

Out of Ohio, Hamer puts out a super awesome pellet.  Open the bag and take a wiff of what reminds me of a newly laid oak floor in the house.  These burn super hot and have low ash.  They are nice and dense and feel like little rocks falling through your finger.  The hopper hang ups are almost non existant with these super dense and hot pellets.

Golden Fire Wood Pellets

You won’t find another pellet that is dried to  industry leading low moisture content of less than 2.5%, and unprecedented average of only 1.9%! Less moisture means you don’t have to burn off excess water in the pellets which results in more heat, heating your home faster, and an extremely low ash content that makes it easier to cleanup.  Learn More

Understanding the properties of wood pellets helps consumers to choose wisely when stocking up fuel, making the most of their heating investment.   read more

I’m burning as fast as I can in order to bring you my “BEST OF THE BEST” picks for this winter…here is how they are stacking up so far!  This list will be changing daily now that I can burn a bag every night:

 Best wood pellets of 2016-17

East CoastBest HardwoodBest SoftwoodBest Blend
 Cubex / Northern Vermont Wood Pellets Maine Woods
 Turman Wood Pellets Okanagan Doug Fir New England
 PWI / Logik-e CleanFire Doug Fir Curran
 Hamer Maine’s Choice
Somerset Okanagan – Red
 LG Maximum
CentralBest HardwoodBest SoftwoodBest Blend
 ProPellet Kirtland
 Hammer SIH
West CoastBest HardwoodBest SoftwoodBest Blend
 Fiber Energy Products Clean Burn – awesome
 Bear Mountain / Golden Fire – awesome
 Packsaddle Pellets – super low ash

 Best Fire Brick


Best Wood Pellets 2013-2014

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England

Cubex Wood Pellets – (Best of the Best wood pellet every year!)

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England

Douglas Fir by Okanagan – (This pellet is going to give VT a Run for their money! I’m going to do a head to head and really break down the findings)

Washington State Wood Pellets

CleanBurn – Best West Coast Softwood Pellet in my book!…From Manke Lumber, these softwood pellets were awesome!

Oregon Wood Pellets

Bear Mountain Wood Pellets – (Lab stats are saying these are the best in the country.

Virginia Pellet Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast

Turman Wood Pellets -Well my favorite pellets have just arrived. I hope they are still great!

Vermont Pellets & Avail. in New England

vermont wood pellets – (so far the best East Coast softwood pellets I see.)

Oregon Wood Pellet

Packsaddle Pellets -Doug fir pellet from Oregon which I’m sure is going to be a good one!

Canadian Pellet sold in New England

Okanagan Wood Pellets – One of the tried and true softwoods in these parts for many years.  They have a tight following that swear by them.

Indian Wood Pellets

SIH Hardood Pellets- These pellets just arrived and they are a first for me.

Maine – Sold in New England North East

Corinth Wood Pellets – These burned nice for me last year.

From Canada & Avail. in New England

Ambiance Wood Pellets – From Valfei, these hardwood pellets were awesome!

Michigan Wood Pellet & Avail. East Coast

Pro Pellets – These look great this year. Nice hardwood pellet from Fiber By-Products in Michigan

Arkansas Wood Pellets

Fiber Energy Products – The best hardwood fibers are used. I’m looking forward to these!

Michigan Wood Pellets & Avail. on Northern East Coast

Michigan Wood Pellets – Burned AWESOME for me 2013-14 (the pellet that prompted the developement of this website 5years ago is now probably one of the best I have burned this year!! no joke)

Wood Pellets from Ohio

Easy Heat Wood Pellets – This is a new pellet for me so I’m looking forward to burning them.

 Somerset Wood Pellets

Somerset Pellets – These are a great pellet and have always burned very well for me. I Recommend.

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast

Logik-e  – (Best of the Best last year & I’m sure this year! )

Canada Pellet & Avail. in New England East Coast

PWI Hardwood Pellets – (Best of the Best last year.  Logik-e and PWI are great! perfect price and quality ratio

New England

New England Wood Pellets- A blended staple here in New Hampshire.

Kirtland Wood Pellets Michigan

Kirtland Wood Pellets – Nice pellet. Good burner for the cold nights

Oregon Wood Pellets

Golden Fire – (from Bear Mt. lab stats are saying these are the best in the country.) Sorry east coast burners 🙁

CleanFire Douglas Fir -Super Hot and low ash wood pellet. West Coast Douglas Fir meets East Coast

Wisconsin Wood Pellets

Indek Wood Pellets – Nice pellet with virtually NO fines from our friends at Ladysmith.

New York Pellets avail in North East

Curran Softwoods – Very nice softwood pellet available through out the North East.

Mass Pellet by Okanagan

Black Hills Heat – From Okanagan Wood Pellets.

New York – New England

Curran Blended Pellet – I have not burned these in a while so I look forward to it.

Canadian wood Pellet

Maximum LG Pellets – From LG Granules.


Hamer’s Hot Ones – (Best of the Best last year & I’m sure this year! Wonderful Pellet

East Coast

Canawick Pellets – Nice pellet with a good burn

“Best of the Best” Wood Pellets  2011 – 2012

East Coast Wood Pellets | West Coast Pellets | Central US Pellets

East Coast Entries

  • Hardwood
    • Cubex Wood Pellets
    • Old Dominion Wood Pellets
    • Henry County Wood Pellets
    • Turman Wood Pellets
    • Clean Fire
    • Bayou
    • Power Pellets
    • O’Malley
  • Softwood
    • VT Wood Pellets
    • Maine Softwood Pellets (coming soon)
    • Okanagan
    • Clean Fire Pacific
    • Spruce Point
  • Blend
    • Maine Woods
    • New England Wood Pellets
    • Green Supreme
    • Warm Front
    • Homestead Wood Pellets
    • Curran
    • Freedom Fuel

West Coast Entries

  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
    • Clean Burn
  • Blend

Central US Pellets

  • Hardwood
    • 1st Choice Wood Pellets by Great Lakes Renewable
    • Pro Pellet
    • Hamer’s Hot One’s (lots of high ratings for this pellet)
    • Greene Team
  • Softwood
    • Platinum Fire Wood Pellets
  • Blend

Best Wood Pellets 2010-2011

East Coast

Best Hardwood Pellets

Cubex Hardwood Pellets: Cubex Wood Pellets, with the big old red bag and oak leaf, claim a BTU rating of geater than 9000 and produce a very clean and low ash burn. By Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring Ltd.. This is a great pellet and winner of “Best Pellet 2010-2011.

Turman Wood Pellets: Turman Hardwood Pellets, are 100% Oak hardwood pellet. Turman pellets are made from solid oak residual from their flooring mill. “Warning” much like your wife, your stove to may start feeling “ignored” or “invisible” due to the lack of cleaning needed while burning these outstanding pellets.

Barfoot Hardwood Pellets: Barefoot Pellets are made with clean sawdust and other clean wood waste material primarily generated in the manufacturing of hardwood lumber into various wood products such as kitchen cabinets, hardwood flooring, etc..

Best Blended Wood Pellets –

Maine Woods Pellets: I am VERY impressed with these pellets and going to go as far as rating them the #1 best wood pellet for this years heating season. Taking into consideration the price, heat, and ash levels, I think these pellets are by far the best bang for the BTU buck!.

Energex CA (Green Bag): Energex Pellets (GREEN BAG FROM CANADA) exceed the PFI’s premium grade standard. Their softwood pellets are designed to burn hotter and have been tested to yield a BTU value averaging between 8300 to 8500 BTUs per pound (on a dry basis). Their average ash content is about 0.5% and moisture content is 5% to 6%. There are no sulfur emissions from the pellet fuel.

Best Softwood Pellets

Vermont Wood Pellets: The “Best Softwood Pellet” I have ever burned are these Vermont Wood Pellets. Actually, if you have been a reader of this website you know I have always been a fan of the west coast softwoods like Okanagan or Blazer and have made comments about mills mills over here or Eastern Canada are just simply not capable of producing a decent (clean, hot and long burning) softwood pellet.

Okanagan Wood Pellets: What can I say, they are the most popular pellet on this website with just over 5 thousand drop ins. Okanagan and Westwood Super Premium pellets are made from 100% softwood sawdust. There are no additives, bark or other possible contaminants. Okanagan’s meet the Super Premium standard of the Pellet Fuel Institute. Great Pellet!


  • Heat Output
  • Ash Level
  • Bag Quality
  • Overall Quality
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