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My Pellets Suck!

Here is the hookup for all of you that are having a tough time with your wood pellets burning properly.

Are you dealing with a lazy flame?

First off, refer to your owners manual.  Most times, when you are dealing with a lazy flame, it means 3 things are happening which you are not paying attention to.

  1. The air flow is too low.  Denser pellets need more air to ignite them little buggers.  If you are experiencing a lazy flame then increase your airflow.
  2. The feed rate is too high.
  3. You are not cleaning your stove.

Think about it, it’s common sense,  if you keep piling logs into a camp fire but  not “blowing” on the fire, you are going to put that fire out.  Just give it a little thought for a second and try increasing your airflow.

If your pellets are a high quality pellet, WHICH MOST ARE THESE DAYS, then they are going to be nice and dense.  They need air to burn proper.

Check out burnpot for plugged holes

As pellets pour out of the press, and bags are then stacked onto pallets.  Easch consecutive bag of wood pellets are very similar.  Layer by layer they come out of the die consecutavly.  They leave the die and then go right into bagging after cooling and getting all the dust sucked out.   SO,,,,,Yes, even the best pellets will have a “hot second’ of pellets getting bagged that are just plain old shit.  Maybe a batch of sawdust just did not get enough moisture taken out of it?  It happens.  Bust off a layer on your pallet and put them aside and keep on burning.  If your burnpot holes are plugged up, then simply clean them out

Clean your stove

I can’t tell you how many visitors to this site say that the pellets they are burning are horrible.  I ask them when they last cleaned their stove and they tell me “oh,,, you need to clean these”… I’m not joking.  Clean your stove. Get an ash vac and do it up!


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